Initiate z/OS Application Processing via Email

Simplify the updating of z/OS application data and ‘on demand’ processing via email messages and/or attachments. Eliminate open FTP ports, simplify TSO account management, and reduce calls to operations to run a job.


Mail2ZOSHow Mail2ZOS Solves the Business Challenge for Mainframe Data Transfer

A large percentage of mission-critical business applications run on the mainframe. Getting raw data to these applications can be problematic in many organizations. Users are no longer accustomed to using green-screens and creating web-based applications to facilitate user entry of data is not always cost effective or justifiable.

The most convenient method for moving data around is email. Email provides the simplicity to “send and forget”; the elegance of the store-and-forward transport mechanism; and the universality of support on nearly every known computing platform. As such, email is the ideal way to transport data.


Mail2ZOS Is the Answer to Efficiently and Effectively Transport Data

Mail2ZOS allows data files to be emailed to the mainframe. Those email messages and their attachments can be received by Mail2ZOS while acting as a specialized SMTP server. In addition, Mail2ZOS can be instructed to pick up messages from a POP3 server by acting as an email client. Mail2ZOS delivers many business benefits, including:

  • Improve service to business units, customers, business partners, etc. by increasing the ease with which data can be delivered to your applications for processing and turn-around.
  • Simplify infrastructure and lower costs through the efficient e-delivery of end-user data (ie; employee, customer and business partner desktop, laptop and mobile devices) over the Internet, intranet or extranet; via the universally supported transport mechanisms of email and FTP.
  • Boost productivity by relieving your own operations staff of the job of manually moving this data into mainframe files and starting the application processes; decreasing the elapsed time for turning around the data and producing results; and by notifying desired parties that the work has completed satisfactorily.

Key Capabilities Using Mail2ZOS to Your Mainframe

Mail2ZOS provides key capabilities and product functions once data files have been located:

  • Decode attached files and store them into host files
  • Perform the desired actions on the body or attachments:
    – Save to a host file and submit a job to process
    – Write the file to JES as a SYSOUT (printout)
    – Wrap JCL around the data and submit it for execution
    – Dynamically compose a job stream (JCL) and submit it for execution
  • Send email notifications to keep appropriate people informed
  • Use the script language for more extensive processing of the message body (cover page) and attachments


Mail2ZOS Prerequisites

  • JES2, JES3
  • Open Edition(USS) TCP/IP Stack
  • Language Environment Run Time (LE)

 Simplify Data Transfers to the Mainframe and Updates to Your z/OS Application Data with Mail2ZOS

Evaluate Mail2ZOS in Your Shop – See for yourself how Mail2ZOS streamlines data transfer to your mainframe, reduces operations burdens, and lowers overall costs in your z/OS environment.