Manage and Control the JES2 and JES3 Spool with OMC-FLASH

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OMC-FLASH is the premier high-performance solution to view, manage, and control the JES2, JES3plus, and JES3 Spool environments – including jobs, output, devices, resources, workflow, and operations – All with one powerful JES-neutral solution.

OMC-FLASH utilizes a high performance JES2 and JES3 data collection strategy to retrieve and display requested JES spooled output efficiently, without copying, respooling, or additional DASD. In addition, OMC-FLASH is designed to optimize interaction with JES2, JES3plus, and JES3 to provide the most efficient, effective JES spool management solution available.


OMC-FLASH JES Spool Viewing and Control

OMC-FLASH provides an intuitive ISPF interface to control JES job processing, personalize job and output displays, and rapidly locate and access JES spooled output so you can work more efficiently. Users can easily browse up to the second job status and information, and instantaneously retrieve spooled output before, during and after job execution.

OMC-FLASH enables users to customize job selection preferences and save the preferred selection profile for future sessions. Users can also specify exact job and output viewing criteria, to present job information and output in their preferred format, with options to further process the output selected.

The OMC-FLASH BATCH Utility efficiently executes OMC-FLASH functions in BATCH mode, including Batch COPY capabilities to copy data from large jobs to a specified output file without the TSO session delays often experienced when performing large copy operations.

OMC-FLASH Delivers Comprehensive Job and Output Control Capabilities:

  • Control and manage JES2, JES3plus and JES3 jobs across the input, execution, and output queues.
  • Customize Job Selection from JES by destination, owner, system, writer and/or job class, or any field criteria.
  • View and Process all Types of Jobs, Tasks, and Spooled Output, including batch jobs, started tasks, TSO users, APPC jobs, active tasks, held and non-held output.
  • Personalize displays through the CONFIG facility to present Jobs and output with the exact fields, titles, column sizes, and position desired, as well as freeze columns, and specify colors.
  • Display an Extensive List of JES and Job Related Fields, including Service Class, SRB usage, TCB Usage, total STEP count, and more.
  • Set Highlighting Colors and Modes for specific fields or entire lines to rapidly recognize and locate significant information.
  • Fully Control Job Output, including browse, cut & paste, sort, find, print, copy to disk dataset, hold, requeue, delete, and more.
  • Define and Save Up to 10 Copy Profiles, with unique COPY processing parameters for different types of output, and recall those profiles on demand to expedite output processing.
  • Control Print and Print Devices, including requeue, forward space and backward space of print jobs.

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OMC-FLASH JES Operations and Resource Management

OMC-FLASH delivers extensive control of JES operations and resources, including capabilities to view JES control blocks and the SYSPLEX-wide OPERLOG, manage initiators, printers, and DJC NETS, and view WLM scheduling environments and resources to control jobs throughout the JES3 complex.

OMC-FLASH Delivers Powerful JES Management Facilities:

  • Expanded OPERLOG Viewing for operator commands, operator responses, and console information across multiple z/OS systems in a SYSPLEX environment.
  • JES3 Control Block Viewing for both job-related and dataset-related JES3 Control Blocks for in-depth jobs and processes.
  • JES3 WLM Scheduling Environment & Resource Display to view and control each scheduling environment defined in the SYSPLEX along with each job executing or scheduled for execution.
  • Active and Historical SYSLOG Display with a flexible cut and paste facility to customize and save the preferred SYSLOG viewing format.
  • Dynamic CPU Utilization Display with a dynamically updated view of current CPU resource utilization, and the associated jobs and processes.
  • JES Initiator Display, with overtypable fields to view and change Initiator status.
  • Printer Status Display, with overtypable fields to control print devices and print jobs.
  • JES3 DJC NET Display to modify DJC NETs, and display
    NET-ID, jobs completed, resubmitted, and missing successors. Users can cancel, flush, and hold the NET and associated output.
  • Display Console Facility to securely view and utilize the operator’s console directly from a workstation or other console in a multiple console environment.
  • Issue any MVS and JES commands normally issued by the operator directly from the OMC-FLASH Command Line to expedite command processing.


SMP/E Compatible, Secure, and z/OS Certified

OMC-FLASH is easily installed and maintained through standard SMP/E installation and maintenance procedures.

OMC-FLASH provides complete security at both the system and user level to ensure that only authorized users can access and manage the JES environment through OMC-FLASH. A standard SAF interface externalizes security administration, allowing security to be fully defined within popular SAF-compatible security packages. In addition, all OMC-FLASH panels and commands can be secured at the user level to ensure full compliance to installation security policies.

OMC-FLASH is certified through z/OS 3.1, and is completely JES independent, requiring no modifications to either the host operating system or to ISPF.

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