Innovative Software To Modernize Your Mainframe

Transform Legacy Output to Modern
Documents and E-Deliver Anywhere,
Manage Print Across VTAM and TCP/IP ...

Control JES Spool Resources, Manage
STEPLIBs and ISPF, Optimize TSO
Performance and Boost Productivity ...

Drive z/OS Mainframe Productivity

Accelerate User and System Performance with Solutions to Transform Output with JES2Mail,
Manage JES with OMC-FLASH, Dynamically Manage STEPLIBs with DYNA-STEP,
Route and Print Host Output with OMC and More...


Transform and E-Deliver z/OS Reports with JES2Mail and JES2FTP

Turn JES and z/OS green screen output into modern custom PDF reports, XML, HTML, or spreadsheet-ready formats – with few or no mainframe changes.

Then E-deliver the custom reports to any number of Email In-boxes, Network Servers, RSS Feeds, or the Cloud… Automatically.

Modernize Mainframe Report and Output Delivery to Save Time, Resources and Money

No need to port legacy z/OS apps off the mainframe – JES2Mail modernizes z/OS and JES output, and securely delivers beautiful customized reports to any number of users – without costly migrations.

Empower your users to securely retrieve, view and manage IBM Z reports and output from any device in the most convenient format for each user with JES2Mail and JES2FTP.

Manage and Control the JES2 and JES3 Spool Environment with OMC-FLASH

Fuel productivity with the OMC-FLASH high-performance JES2 and JES3 spool operations management solution, fully compatible with all JES environments.  Empower your z/OS systems programmers, application programmers, and the ISPF users with comprehensive capabilities to view and control JES2 and JES3 jobs, output, devices, workflow, resources and the entire JESplex …

Drive Productivity with Tone z/OS System Management Solutions

Harness Tone’s z/OS System Management products to manage STEPLIBs and ISPF Libraries, view host output and control output routing and printing to VTAM and TCP/IP network printers, and manage TSO system performance.


Explore All Tone Solutions to
Maximize Mainframe ROI

Discover all the Tone System Z products designed to optimize your mainframe performance, increase user productivity, and streamline z/OS operational efficiency.   Derive maximum benefit from legacy processes without wholesale changes and boost your overall ROI from your existing mainframe environment with Tone z/OS solutions.