Comprehensive z/OS to TCP/IP Print Routing Solution

Optimize host printing strategies by extending mainframe z/OS output routing and printing to economical and convenient IP network printers with the OMC-TCP/IP printing option for OMC-PRINT.

Extend z/OS Host Printing to IP Network Printers

Using the OMC-TCP/IP extended print routing option, any output residing on the JES spool can now be routed via OMC-PRINT by standard CLASS, DEST, FORM, WRITER NAME criteria for subsequent printing on convenient, cost-effective TCP/IP printers on any platform throughout the enterprise.

In addition, OMC-PRINT output destined for TCP/IP printers can be previewed, held, released, or requeued via OMC-PRINT’s advanced online Command Display Facility. With the OMC-TCP/IP option of OMC-PRINT, all remote printing, either to VTAM or TCP/IP addressed printers, can be accomplished with a single integrated solution.

OMC-TCP/IP provides these important benefits:

  • Output transmission directly between the JES spool and any TCP/IP LPR/LPD, without staging or respooling, to save system resources and enhance print routing performance.
  • Online, interactive user preview and control of output via the OMC-PRINT Command Display Facility.
  • Printer definition and network configuration using installation-established symbolic printer and computer names – not numeric dotted IP codes.
  • LPR flags automatically controlled by printer definition parameters to prevent complex user exit coding.
  • Data compression of imbedded blanks to enhance routing performance.

Make the most of your host print resources with OMC-TCP/IP and OMC-PRINT.

Evaluate OMC-TCP/IP in Your Shop – See for yourself how OMC-TCP/IP will increase productivity in your z/OS environment.