Tone Launches Enhanced STEPLIB-Rx Release 3.1 to Replace CA TSOPLUS

New STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 Release Delivers Expanded STEPLIB And Application Management Capabilities To Transparently Replace The Unsupported TSOPLUS Product From CA

ANAHEIM, Calif., —Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM z/OS mainframe environments, today announced immediate availability of the new STEPLIB-Rx enhanced Release 3.1 solution to seamlessly replace the TSOPLUS software no longer supported by CA Technologies (CA Inc.). The STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 functionality now includes expanded STEPLIB management capabilities and a robust Application Initiation Assist (AIA) facility that fully replaces the On Demand Application (ODA) feature of TSOPLUS in use by z/OS mainframe shops.

Mainframe Shops Must Take Action To Replace Unsupported Tools

Recent studies show the mainframe continues to be a long-term strategic platform for global businesses, with projections for increased workloads to support emerging digital business plans. With workloads growing, z/OS mainframe installations must take action to replace unsupported solutions that help drive system and user productivity, such as TSOPLUS, which was deemed “end of life” by CA Technologies in 2010.

New STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 Application Management Replaces TSOPLUS ODAs

The new STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 technology provides a transparent, seamless transition experience for TSOPLUS shops, providing core capabilities to dynamically allocate and manage STEPLIBs under both TSO and ISPF, as well as key utilities to intelligently translate the TSOPLUS allocations currently imbedded in the environment. As a result, users are not required to perform lengthy or complex manual conversions or re-implementations to transition to Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution.

Further, the new STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 AIA capabilities enable TSOPLUS user communities to launch their application environments making use of their familiar TSOPLUS ODA keywords, eliminating the need to retrain users, modify security policies, or disrupt busy operational activities. A STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 AIA display is provided to list the available application initiation options, and permit their execution using a simple Select line command.

“Today’s z/OS mainframe teams feel increasing pressure to drive efficiency and productivity throughout their environments, and Tone’s new STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 helps meet this need with key functionality and migration facilities to expedite the transition from the unsupported TSOPLUS technology,” stated Shirley Balarezo, president of Tone Software. “Through STEPLIB-Rx 3.1, organizations can rapidly deploy a TSOPLUS alternative that is transparent to their TSO and ISPF user communities, while enjoying a lower total cost of ownership through flexible licensing that delivers exceptional value,” she concluded.

Unique STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 Facility Enables Concurrent Testing of Identically Named Reentrant Programs

Using STEPLIB-Rx 3.1, allocation of key libraries is automated, dramatically reducing system I/O and contention on STEPLIB volumes, and eliminating much of the overhead associated with TSO. The results are improved overall system performance and increased user productivity – major benefits for z/OS shops. Further, Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx enables both systems programmers and application programmers to quickly and easily test multiple versions of identically named reentrant program modules at the same time – a unique capability not available in any other solution. As a result, release upgrades and application rollouts can be accomplished more rapidly and efficiently.

Tone’s new STEPLIB-Rx 3.1 is certified for all levels of z/OS through 2.1, and is available immediately under a wide variety of licensing options to fit any organization size and budget.

A no-cost STEPLB-Rx evaluation is available upon request – Simply click and submit the request form.

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