OMC-PRINT Case Study

Telecom Italia Uses OMC-Print to Manage Output for 8,000 Printers

Telecom Italia, the largest telecommunications company in Italy, was looking for a remote printing solution to distribute vital printed information efficiently and cost-effectively to its rapidly growing number of employees and customers. When continual problems with their end-of-month print processing caused the entire system to terminate abnormally due to lack of secondary spool space, they began the search for a print solution that would send output from the primary SYSOUT spool directly to their remote printers.

Telecom ItaliaOMC-PRINT (then known as TS-PRINT) provided the ideal solution by quickly and efficiently routing output directly from the JES spool to any of the Telecom Italia remote VTAM print devices, without the need to copy to a secondary data set first. Using OMC-PRINT, there was no need to allocate enormous amounts of secondary spool space that would only be used when excessively large volumes of reports were generated all at once. OMC-PRINT’s direct routing design provided the perfect answer to effectively and reliably manage all Telecom Italia’s remote print processing.

A Growing Solution

Giuseppe Ottaviano, System Support Manager at Telecom Italia in Turin reports that since those early days, the OMC-PRINT solution is working harder than ever for the Italian phone giant. Thousands of printers are distributed throughout the 101 agencies in Telecom Italia’s 18 regions, with 2,000 VTAM printers on a local network in Turin and 6,000 VTAM printers on a wide-area network that connects Turin, Milan, Venice, Naples, Bologna and three sites in Rome. While some reports contain only a few lines, many contain up to 80,000 lines, and OMC-PRINT’s ability to designate different printers at the same location for different size jobs has proven to be extremely valuable. Another advantage of OMC-PRINT Ottaviano cited is the ability to control remote site routing and printing directly at the remote site. This allows each region to control their own reports, and reduces the workload on the central distribution site.

OMC PrintMr. Ottaviano concluded, “Using OMC-PRINT, all reports regarding the location and availability of parts vital to the daily operation of Telecom Italia’s customer service are printed immediately at remote offices. With OMC-PRINT, Telecom Italia is assured of the prompt and reliable distribution of three to four million printed lines of information a day to its hundreds of employees and thousands of customers all over Italy.”

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