JES2Mail and JES2FTP

Modernize, Secure and Deliver Mainframe  Content with JES2Mail and JES2FTP

Transform mainframe JES and other host output and reports into PDF, XML, HTML, and spreadsheet-ready formats. Encrypt and secure the content, and deliver the results to email in-boxes, network servers, or the cloud – automatically.


JES2MailSave Time, Money, and Improve Productivity with E-Delivery of z/OS Output and Reports

A large percentage of mission-critical reports and documents are generated by core business applications running on the z/OS Mainframe. Delivering this information in a cost effective method has huge benefits: immediate delivery, improved service and productivity, and lower costs. Easily leverage existing assets to provide world-wide business to employee, business to business, and business to customer interactivity.

JES2Mail Sample Report


Key Benefits

JES2Mail and JES2FTP are z/OS based programs specifically targeted at the transformation and efficient/secure “push” delivery of mainframe print content via Email and FTP – in standard universally supported formats (i.e., PDF, HTML, RTF, comma-delimited, and XML.) The products can be used standalone; or in concert with traditional “Report Distribution and Archiving Systems” to enhance a robust “push” delivery capability.

JES2Mail and JES2FTP Deliver Numerous Benefits:

  • Improves service delivery to business units, customers, business partners, etc. by reducing print related logistics, training and handling.
  • Speeds delivery and increases ease-of-use and the value of print content.
  • Simplifies infrastructure and lowers costs through the efficient and secure e-delivery of mainframe documents to end-users (i.e., employees, customers and business partners desktop, laptop and mobile devices) over the Internet, intranet or extranet; in universally supported presentation and printable formats such as Adobe PDF and HTML.
  • Boosts productivity by delivering the right information as soon as it is available in preferred medias such as Email, Web Browser and Acrobat Reader that computer users already use daily.
  • Reduces paper and the cost of printed forms through e-delivery.

JES2Mail and JES2FTP address the business requirement of moving information from z/OS to specific users or customers. To move information from users or customers up to the z/OS mainframe, Tone’s Mail2ZOS technology provides a robust solution.


JES2MailJES2Mail Key Features

JES2Mail is native z/OS software with a built-in SMTP sending facility, that can generate and send thousands of simple email messages as well as transform designated report output into PDF, CSV, XML and other formats and send those results as email attachments. JES2Mail is the native z/OS email solution organizations worldwide trust to get important mainframe information to the right person – anywhere, anytime.

JES2Mail Key Features:

  • Operate as either a JESWRITER started task or standard batch step
  • Access and attach HFS/ZFS files (HFS Watch mode)
  • Attach any text or binary file
  • Establish SSL/TLS encrypted connection to target email server using AUTH protocol
  • Perform symbolic substitution of system variables
  • Dynamically route based on output contents and process unlimited distribution lists
  • Bundle multiple attachments into a ZIP attachment



JES2Mail and JES2FTP Prerequisites


  • Z/OS
  • JES2, JES3
  • TCP/IP Open Edition(USS) preferred or Interlink/CA TCP/IP Stacks
  • Language Environment Run Time (LE)

Make the most of your host output with JES2Mail and JES2FTP.

Evaluate JES2Mail and JES2FTP in Your Shop – See for yourself how JES2Mail and JES2FTP will increase productivity and reduce output handling costs in your z/OS environment.