z/OS Mainframe Solutions

Manage, Automate, and Increase Productivity in z/OS Mainframe Environments with Tone Solutions for JES2, JES3, ISPF, STEPLIBS, Host Output and Print Management…

DYNA-STEP Dynamic STEPLIB and Library Management


Automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB and ISPF libraries to save time, reduce maintenance, and save system resources with DYNA-STEP.

Through DYNA-STEP, z/OS mainframe shops can reduce z/OS system overhead, speed user logons, and relieve system programmers’ LOGON PROC maintenance burden. Mainframe pros use DYNA-STEP to rapidly and efficiently migrate new host application versions from test to production, saving valuable staff time and increasing overall productivity.

DYNA-STEP replaces unsupported STEPLIB tools with NO re-coding and is fully supported and certified compatible for ALL Z systems and z/OS levels, ensuring stability and compliance.


Transparently replace CA TSOPLUS with Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx, an easy to deploy replacement for the TSOPLUS software no longer supported by CA Technologies (CA Inc.).

If you’ve reached the end of your legacy maintenance term for the CA TSOPLUS software, you must now take action to replace this unsupported software. The STEPLIB-Rx solution replaces the TSOPLUS STEPLIBX allocation capabilities and the ODA on-demand application facility and includes utilities to intelligently translate the existing allocation environment to eliminate the need for manual conversions or re-implementations.

OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Management Solution

Empower IT teams to intelligently manage the entire z/OS JES2 and JES3 Spool environments, resources, and workflow with OMC-FLASH from Tone Software.

Immediately boost the operational productivity of the entire system and application programming staff with OMC-FLASH high-performance management and control capabilities for both JES2 and JES3 processing, including jobs, datasets, output, devices, operations, and the console, – all in one powerful JES-neutral solution.

OMC-PRINT - Host VTAM and TCP/IP Network Print Management

Leverage powerful, versatile z/OS print management, with high performance spooled output routing directly to local and remote VTAM print devices with OMC-PRINT from Tone Software.

Route and print output anywhere, anytime, directly from the JES spool to target print devices, and control enterprise-wide print activity and network print devices with OMC-PRINT and the entire suite of OMC integrated, high performance products for z/OS output management.

ACC Host - z/OS Console and Process Automation

Automate and manage z/OS console traffic, host system processes, and host application processes with Tone’s Automated Command Center – ACC Host automation solution.

Free operations personnel and increase processing efficiency and accuracy with ACC powerful automation for any operational function, including the operating system, on-line systems, time sharing systems and/or batch applications including start up, damage assessment, restart, and shutdown.

TRX - TSO Performance Management Solution for z/OS

Cut TSO workloads and enhance TSO performance with Tone’s TRX comprehensive TSO management solution. TRX reduces TSO resource consumption, makes TSO more useful, and empowers z/OS installations to improve response times, reduce system overhead, and improve the productivity of TSO users.