ACC Host Automation

z/OS Mainframe Console and System Automation

Efficiently and accurately automate all mainframe console traffic and z/OS system processes with ACC – Automated Command Center.

Automate Both Console and System Z Processes

IBM System z15 Mainframe

ACC provides the data center complete facilities to free operations personnel through powerful automation of any operational function that can be written down – without message dependency. ACC can automatically control the operating system, on-line systems, time sharing systems and/or batch applications including Start Up, Damage Assessment, Restart, and Shutdown.

Through ACC user-friendly ISPF menus, control parameters for ALL systems are defined in a single common Event Automation Table, allowing implementation of complex automation procedures with little, if any, programming. A sample Event Automation Table containing hundreds of pre-coded event automation situations is provided to allow implementation with little, if any, programming and NO knowledge of REXX or TSO CLIST’s.

The following lists just a few of the many supported Event Automation Actions:

  • Highlight/Low light/Freeze messages
  • Create/Delete/Suppress/Issue messages
  • Allow or reject issued commands
  • Reply to WTORs
  • Delete or replace message text
  • Issue Commands, CLISTs, REXX Execs or ASI Directors
  • Delayed action based on job completion
  • Route messages or commands to other systems
  • Issue replies by JOBNAME without reply

ACC allows messages, commands and user generated events to be routed for execution on any system. Events may be identified as “Routed” and special processing invoked, or they can be processed as normal events. An additional routing function allows the status of each system to be available to all other systems.

Through ACC, users can easily implement proactive automation of any operational function without message dependency, based on a wide range of criteria including:

  • User Events
  • Timed Interval
  • System State
  • Optional Message Interception
  • Ad Hoc Events
  • Job State
  • Generated Events
  • Optional Command Interception

Evaluate ACC in Your z/OS Shop – See for yourself how ACC will increase productivity in your System Z environment.