Proactively Monitor and Manage UC Quality and Performance

Know exactly when and where UC quality, performance, and service issues are developing, and empower your UC teams to anticipate issues before users and your business are impacted with ReliaTel proactive, real-time monitoring and management.

Gain deep insight into your UC service levels through ReliaTel’s single pane of glass management portal, proactive alerts and notifications, and customizable escalation capabilities that provide advance warning of developing service issues and trends.

ReliaTel Delivers End to End Monitoring and Management to Ensure UC Service Levels

The ReliaTel Unified Communications Service Assurance solution comprehensively monitors and manages the entire UC environment across voice, unified communications, telepresence, and the underlying transport network to ensure end to end communication quality and collaboration service levels.

ReliaTel provides a unified monitoring platform to easily integrate the management of both your existing and evolving voice and UC network.

ReliaTel is specifically designed to optimize quality and performance, empowering UC teams to proactively manage their ecosystem, including:

  • Lower Mean Time To Repair
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Ensure Voice Quality and User Experience
  • Optimize Performance
  • Automate Operational Processes
  • Define, Maintain and Track SLAs
  • Ensure Higher ROI from VoIP and UC Investments

A Complete Management Solution

ReliaTel delivers deep visibility into service impacting issues and broader control of unified communications operations through versatile, real-time data analysis that detects all alarms, status, quality, performance analytics, and traffic engineering statistics.

Applying ReliaTel’s user-customizable thresholds, operations staff are immediately aware of developing quality or performance degradation, and can utilize ReliaTel’s secure remote access capabilities to troubleshoot and remediate voice and data routers, switches, gateways, servers, and applications.

ReliaTel benefits your entire Voice, UC, and network operations team with:

  • Real-time monitoring and insight into quality, performance, and service metrics
  • Graphical real-time dashboards of QoS, performance, service levels, and network availability
  • Direct cut-through access to remote devices for diagnostics, troubleshooting and remediation
  • Extensive trending and reporting for quality, performance, capacity, and traffic

Proactively Monitor QoS to Ensure Quality of Service

ReliaTel comprehensively manages QoS and QoE across VoIP and UC environments through real-time analysis of call metrics and data streams, enabling users to rapidly pinpoint, isolate, and resolve quality-impacting device and network issues.

Through ReliaTel, users can gauge the impact of multiple concurrent calls, as well as dive deeply into the analytics of each individual call across key factors such as delay, jitter, loss, and more to perform root cause analysis, troubleshooting, and network optimization.

Manage UC Performance, Traffic, and Capacity with ReliaTel Performance Dashboards

ReliaTel’s real-time Dashboards help operations teams gauge how well their network is configured, how well it is performing, how their quality is trending, and how their capacity needs are changing. Through ReliaTel, busy Voice, UC and network teams have the critical data necessary to optimize operations, eliminate quality degradation, reduce recurring blind spots, and proactively plan for future growth

See live performance metrics and performance trends for:

  • Network performance, throughput, bandwidth
  • Application performance, thresholds and availability
  • Processor load, CPU usage, wait I/O, response time
  • Memory usage, errors, free memory
  • Disk usage, errors, space, disk queue, database disk usage
  • Temperature, humidity, sensor status, contact closures

Customizable and Actionable Report Metrics and Data

ReliaTel customizable reporting provides granular and aggregated views of critical quality and performance metrics, alarm patterns, traffic and trunk utilization, capacity and throughput trends, as well as staff activity and effectiveness

Use ReliaTel Reporting to:
  • Track faults, problem frequency, and duration
  • Review CDR data and identify patterns and trends
  • Deliver governmental and regulatory data & statistics
  • Assess UC quality trends and degradation patterns
  • Track SLA deviations, compliance, and mean time to resolution
  • Identify recurring issues, thresholds exceeded, performance anomalies
  • Prioritize maintenance and optimize operations
  • Scrutinize user activity, system access, and staff effectiveness
  • Measure traffic and trunk utilization, gauge capacity trends
ReliaTel QoS reporting capabilities include tracking actual voice performance in quantitative terms through RTP session search and analysis capabilities that enable users to quickly identify end-points violating acceptable QoS, QoE, and user experience levels.

UC Management Designed for Service Providers

ReliaTel’s unified, re-brandable platform monitors quality, performance, SLAs, and availability for every client, across virtually any technology mix. Empower your Managed Services team to win more clients, optimize service operations, eliminate SLA penalties, and increase service profits with ReliaTel for Managed Service Providers.

Service Provider Benefits:

Multi-Tenant Design – Multi-tenant design delivers segmented views by individual client with controlled visibility into health, quality, and performance of just that client environment.

Flexible Connectivity – Flexible connectivity monitors the environment via non-intrusive, low overhead connectivity to minimize bandwidth consumption and optimize data collection.

Re-brandable, Secure Web Portal – Re-brandable, secure web portal to white-label the application with Service Provider corporate logos and service offer branding.

Streamlined Deployment – Streamlined deployment expedites client on-boarding with adaptable implementation options and expert Foundation Kits to immediately establish monitoring for popular devices.

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