ReliaTel Executive Dashboards Provide Strategic Views that Boost UC Management Insight and Value

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ReliaTel Customizable Executive Dashboards Put Business Intelligence within Easy Reach to Drive Informed Decisions, Optimize UC Operations, and Increase UC&C ROI

ANAHEIM, Calif., Tone Software Corporation, a leading provider of comprehensive unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) monitoring and management software for advanced collaboration ecosystems, today announced the new ReliaTel Executive Dashboards that provide highly customizable, business-specific views of the UC operational information most impactful to your business. Through the new ReliaTel Dashboards, executives, operations teams, and UC administrators can choose the specific data to display, and how to display it, to provide meaningful on-demand views of how UC quality, performance, and service levels are affecting critical business processes.

Increasingly, UC&C is at the heart of both internal team collaboration and productivity, as well as the critical customer and client journeys that drive revenue growth for a business. As those UC&C technologies become more deeply entrenched, the need to continuously understand the impact of UC operational processes on the success of the business has grown exponentially. ReliaTel Executive Dashboards address this growing need with re-imagined capabilities to easily choose and create strategic, business-specific views that clearly show the assets, resources, conditions, and KPIs that are most meaningful and critical to ensure optimum, uncompromised communications services for that particular business.

“Knowing that traffic is spiking or quality is degrading at a particular location is helpful, but how do those conditions impact your business?” asked Perry King, director of product management for Tone.   “Does that traffic spike prevent your customers from placing orders? Does that quality issue mean your teams can’t collaborate or communicate successfully with customers? Those are the business-impactful answers you need from your UC Service Management system. Those are the answers ReliaTel Executive Dashboards will provide,” he explained.

Incorporate Data From Other Tools to Create Customized Dashboards that Deliver Business Value

While customizable dashboards are not a new concept, most UC management tools have limited capabilities to represent only UC analytics and data collected directly by the tool, within standardized charts and graphs. This one size fits all approach often delivers minimal value to the user, lacking any business-specific intelligence that can influence informed decision-making without considerable additional research. The ReliaTel Dashboards enable users to incorporate external data from other tools, applications, and ticketing systems, to provide meaningful correlation of operational data and visual representations that directly relate to the users’ specific business conditions, processes, operational thresholds and policies.

“Imagine a Service Provider having the option to easily provide their client with a custom view of that clients’ operational environment, clearly showing critical services are up and operating optimally, based on the management services the provider delivers,” Perry commented. “That kind of business-specific value gives the Provider a unique competitive advantage to engage their clients, win more deals, reduce client churn, and increase service profits – that’s the advantage ReliaTel Executive Dashboards deliver,” he concluded.

Strategic Views Move UC Management from Tactical to Strategic

Building on the new Executive Dashboards, the ReliaTel UC Service Management solution now puts three strategic views to work across your organization: Administrative, Operations, and Executive. The Administrative view leverages the intelligence of your UC operations, capturing your business rules, policies and thresholds for quality, performance and service levels. The Operational view utilizes that built-in intelligence to proactively address and resolve UC issues, accurately and effectively within established business rules and policies to reduce mean time to resolution and improve service levels. The Executive view delivers only the desired business-impactful information and intelligence necessary to fuel informed decision making, and drive continual process improvement and results-oriented business optimization.

“UC teams often hit a wall with typical UC Management solutions. They become inundated with data and details, much of which does not provide business-specific intelligence or contribute value,” stated Shirley Balarezo, president of Tone Software.   “The new ReliaTel Executive Dashboards and strategic views clear away that clutter, eliminating the need to dig through irrelevant details, and presenting decision makers with meaningful customized information that is impactful to their specific business,” Balarezo added.

About Tone Software

Tone Software Corporation is a global provider of comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for advanced communications and collaboration ecosystems. Tone’s ReliaTel provides managed service providers (MSPs), UC as a Service providers (UCaaS), value added resellers (VARs), and enterprises with a unified approach for managing and monitoring their entire communications and collaboration environment, supporting the industry’s leading devices, networks, and applications from multiple vendors on multiple platforms.

By unifying multi-vendor UC, SIP, and collaboration management in one solution, ReliaTel provides the ideal platform for organizations to cost effectively manage the quality, capacity, and service levels of the critical communications and collaboration systems that drive their business. For more information, visit the ReliaTel pages for Service Providers, Enterprises, and Cloud, and follow Tone on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.