OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 Delivers Expanded JES2 and JES3 Spool Management to Boost User Productivity

The OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 Browse and Search Pattern History Facility, Operator Command History Panel, and PROCLIB Display Facility Help JES2 and JES3 Users Work Faster

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ANAHEIM, Calif., —Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM System Z mainframes, announced the OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release of their comprehensive JES2 and JES3 Spool Viewing and Management software for z/OS data centers.

OMC-FLASH delivers high-performance operational management for JES2 and JES3 environments, providing systems programmers, application programmers, and ISPF users with an efficient and effective method of viewing and controlling jobs, output, devices, workflows and JES resources.

Focused on increasing user productivity and reducing repetitive tasks, the enhanced OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release delivers many new capabilities, including the Browse and Search Pattern History facility, Operator Command History panel, and a new PROCLIB Display facility that enables users to save valuable time.

Streamlining User’s Interactions with System Z and JES

Recently IBM mainframe revenue has increased six percent year over year, with five consecutive quarters of growth. Such strong demand for mainframe capacity translates into increased workloads that require z/OS users to work smarter and faster to handle the expanded load.

The new OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release addresses this issue by providing key capabilities that streamline a users’ interaction with both the system and JES. For example, the Browse and Search Pattern History facility eliminates the need to re-type previously executed searches, while the Operator Command History panel allows previously issued operator commands to be swiftly re-issued to save time.

Further, the new PROCLIB Display facility enables users to quickly determine where a specified PROC is located and view and modify the PROCLIB data sets, eliminating the need to perform time-consuming manual searches. As a result, users can easily accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently to increase their productivity.


“The new OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release for JES2 and JES3 provides impressive advances that target user efficiency and provide broader flexibility when handling jobs, output, and system operations across both the JES2 and JES3 architecture,” stated Shirley Balarezo, President of Tone Software.

“Using OMC-FLASH 4.9.0, users have the optimum solution to increase both human and machine productivity through the many new panels and options designed to streamline users’ interaction with the System Z JES environment,” she added.

Fueled by User Feedback from the Largest OMC-FLASH z/OS Shops and Available Immediately

The many new OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release enhancements are a direct response to requests and feedback from Tone’s largest OMC-FLASH users in the largest z/OS shops around the world. For a complete list of all the new OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 enhancements, view the What’s New in OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 document.

The OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 GA release is available immediately for licensed users. Easily installed through a standard SMP/E installation routine, the new release supports all z/OS releases through 2.3. To request the new OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release for your installation, visit: Request OMC-FLASH 4.9.0.

OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 Debuts at SHARE

Tone’s OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 release debuts at the SHARE conference. Visit Tone’s Booth to meet the Tone Mainframe Development team and learn more about OMC-FLASH 4.9.0 as well as all the Tone System Z software solutions.

For more information on OMC-FLASH for JES2 and JES3, visit: OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Spool Management page.