Tone Delivers ReliaTel Visual360™ Advanced Intelligence Portal for UC Service Management

ReliaTel Visual360 Provides Unique Visual Correlation of UC Analytics and Dynamic Control of UC Quality, Performance, and Service Levels in One Powerful Portal

ANAHEIM, Calif., Tone Software Corporation, a leading provider of comprehensive voice quality and unified communications (UC) monitoring and management software for advanced collaboration ecosystems, launched the Visual360™ intelligence portal for its ReliaTel® VoIP and UC Service Assurance Solution.

Visual360 Empowers UC Teams with Deeper Operational Intelligence and More Robust UC Service Management Capabilities to Optimize and Increase UC Service Levels

The ReliaTel Visual360 portal provides a revolutionary way to visualize real-time UC quality, performance, and service level analytics correlated with operational and network conditions throughout the UC environment.

Through ReliaTel Visual360, UC operations teams have the significant advantage of visualizing the relationships between devices, applications, and network segments involved in UC session paths, and the true origins of UC quality, performance, and service level degradation. As a result, UC teams can quickly and accurately isolate the root cause of anomalies, and rapidly access and remediate issues regardless of the UC application or endpoint involved – all within one powerful portal.

360 Degree Visual Roadmap with Correlated Analytics for UC Management

As Unified Communications technologies mature and organizations fully leverage the inherent collaboration capabilities, the management paradigm required to ensure UC service levels across distributed users is rapidly shifting. Today’s UC teams must support UC assets, applications, and users located anywhere, on any device, frequently across multiple remote networks. ReliaTel Visual360 is designed to specifically address this shift in UC management by providing a much needed 360° visual roadmap depicting the paths, correlated metrics, and relationships between individual UC sessions and the underlying devices and networks they traverse.

Using ReliaTel Visual360, UC teams gain immediate intelligence at both the macro and micro level, with complete views of the overall UC environment health and dependencies, abilities to zoom into any segment and view live session traffic, and interactive capabilities to filter views by device, segment, metric range, or status. Further, Visual360 users can easily select a set of calls and view actual CDR and RTCP records, filter by session path to isolate a specific set of sessions, and conduct full diagnostics and remediation through direct remote access to devices, all without losing context or leaving the Visual360 portal.

“Complexity in UC environments continues to grow, and often the most significant challenge for today’s UC teams is isolating the demarcation point of the issues they are striving to diagnose and resolve,” stated Paul Wiggins, director of UC strategies for Tone Software. “ReliaTel Visual360 demystifies these scenarios by providing an interactive visual guide to quickly decipher the correct source of UC problems, regardless of the technology involved in the UC path,” he added.

Game-Changer for UC Service Providers –  ReliaTel Visual360

As demand for collaboration services increases, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers are striving to expand service portfolios and related Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet client requirements. Often, the service delivery tools MSP and UCaaS teams are utilizing can only provide diagnostic data in a fragmented and siloed fashion, causing delays in problem resolution, putting client SLAs in jeopardy, and inflating the operational overhead costs of delivering service.

ReliaTel Visual360 eliminates these hurdles, streamlining the critical activities of analyzing clients’ faults, quality and performance issues, providing much needed context around the clients’ underlying environment conditions, and liberating engineers from chasing issues down the proverbial “rabbit hole,” only to discover the problems persist.

With ReliaTel Visual360, MSPs and UCaaS service delivery teams have a powerful, unified, visual portal to effectively mitigate UC service issues and ensure critical SLAs, while also reducing the overall costs of delivering services – which ultimately increases service profit margins.

“Information overload is often the undoing of operational teams today, as engineers wade through mountains of analytics presented in varying modes, causing confusion and delays in solving UC problems,” commented Shirley Balarezo, president of Tone Software. “ReliaTel Visual360 was specifically designed to eliminate these struggles by providing an actionable, 360° visual workspace that correlates the critical information necessary to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues, and optimize UC service levels,” she concluded.

Tour ReliaTel for Service Providers, and ReliaTel Visual360

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About Tone Software

Tone Software Corporation is a global provider of comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for advanced communications and collaboration ecosystems. Tone’s ReliaTel solutions provide managed service providers (MSPs), UC as a Service providers (UCaaS), value added resellers (VARs), and enterprises with a unified approach for managing and monitoring their entire communications and collaboration environment, supporting the industry’s leading devices, networks, and applications from multiple vendors on multiple platforms.

By unifying multi-vendor VoIP, SIP, and UC management in one solution, ReliaTel provides the ideal platform for organizations that must cost effectively manage the quality, capacity, service levels, and user experience of the critical communications and collaboration systems that drive their business. For more information, go to or follow Tone on Facebook or Twitter.