Tone Launches New ReliaTel 4.0

This week, Tone Software announced the release of the highly anticipated ReliaTel 4.0 release that includes product features designed to positively impact the Operational and Business returns for the Enterprise, MSP and Integrator markets. Over the next few weeks, I will highlight the key features as individual blog entries to provide a more in-depth analysis of the release. Furthermore, stay tuned to our blog as we officially launch the ReliaTel 4.0 release at The Enterprise Connect  show in Orlando next week.

The culmination of customer and industry feedback helped shape the myriad of features that are included within the ReliaTel 4.0 release. Among the key features of the new release are:

  • Updated Fault Management Alarms List – Designed for a more optimized workflow
  • Fault Management Alarms Blacklisting – Reduce the extraneous time wasted in addressing frequently occurring false alerts
  • Enhanced Access Plus – Expands remote access capabilities for devices to include GUI based connections in addition to console based connections
  • Prioritized Traceroute – A new troubleshooting tool to either schedule or launch on-demand traceroutes to both internal and external destinations with the ability to tag packets
  • Dashboards – New management and device level dashboarding interface for both real-time and aggregate historical views of the managed network. ReliaTel dashboards will provide off-the-shelf capabilities unique to specific devices and hence provide device specific metrics
  • Agentless Windows Monitoring – Expands ReliaTel’s Windows monitoring capabilities to include remote monitoring via WMI

The added benefits of 4.0 transforms the value proposition of ReliaTel for the following target markets

Adding the new 4.0 capabilities to the existing comprehensive Infrastructure and VoIP QoS monitoring solution transforms ReliaTel into one of the most Operationally advanced solution in the industry.

MSP / Integrator:

  • Reduce Tier1 operational time in managing client networks through Alarms Blacklisting
  • Standardize on remote access capabilities to the client devices through Access Plus
  • Reduce the number of screens required to troubleshoot client issues through both Access Plus and Prioritized Traceroute
  • Provide seamless web based portal views to your clients on the overall status of the managed network through the multi-tenant dashboards
  • Analyze real-time device specific metrics through dashboards to determine overall device and application behavior or interdependencies


  • The need to streamline Tier1 resources has relevance to any Operational team which includes the Enterprise operations through the use of Alarms Blacklisting
  • Raise your awareness of branch locations connectivity via SIP trunks through scheduled Prioritized Traceroutes baselining performance.
  • Provide management with a single dashboard of the overall operations group performance
  • Analyze real-time device specific metrics through dashboards to determine overall device and application behavior or interdependencies

As the highly anticipated ReliaTel 4.0 is deployed to existing and new locations we look forward to the realized technical and operational benefit that will be achieved. Look towards the coming weeks for a more in-depth detail of each major feature included within ReliaTel 4.0.