DYNA-STEP 3.2 STEPLIB Management Accelerates Mainframe Productivity

DYNA-STEP 3.2 Enhances z/OS ISPF Performance, Drives User Productivity, and Provides a Transparent, Fully Supported Replacement for TSOPLUS and CBT Shareware

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ANAHEIM, Calif., —Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM z/OS mainframe environments, announced the DYNA-STEP™ Dynamic STEPLIB and ISPF Library Management Solution Release 3.2.

The enhanced release includes capabilities that boost ISPF performance, enable TSO and ISPF users to easily run multiple versions of applications simultaneously, and increases flexibility by allowing authorized users to test on-the-fly without the need to modify the APF.

Today’s mainframe workloads are growing steadily, requiring z/OS shops to focus on managing resource consumption and improving both user and system efficiency. Tone’s DYNA-STEP 3.2 addresses these issues with new functionality to streamline operations, including the OPEN keyword that enables the same DDnames, already OPEN in the address space, to be allocated and used on multiple ISPF screens. The new feature allows different versions of an application to run simultaneously to expedite testing, migration and upgrades.

Further, the new APFAUTH command enables authorized users to APF authorize a concatenation without updating the APF list, facilitating on-the-fly testing to save time.

In addition, a new ‘KeepCPInStorage’ option now enables the DYNASTEP command processor to remain in storage between executions, helping to noticeably improve performance in an ISPF environment.

Enhancements to the powerful DYNA-STEP Application Invocation Assist facility and TSO Extended Allocation functionality are also included to increase flexibility and provide a seamless user experience in shops where DYNA-STEP replaced the unsupported TSOPLUS tool.

“The new DYNA-STEP 3.2 release provides an excellent mix of high-productivity capabilities for ISPF users, options to increase ISPF performance and z/OS system efficiency, as well as innovations to help reduce host resource consumption,” stated Shirley Balarezo, president, Tone Software.

A Fully Supported TSOPLUS Replacement and CBT Shareware Alternative

As mainframe shops plan and execute their z/OS 2.x migrations, many will face the necessity of replacing their TSOPLUS software, which is no longer supported by Computer Associates (CA). DYNA-STEP 3.2 provides immediate relief for TSOPLUS users, transparently replacing embedded TSOPLUS STEPLIBX allocations, extended allocations, and the TSOPLUS On Demand Application (ODA) feature.

Further, DYNA-STEP provides a seamless TSOPLUS transition experience through straightforward migration aids that eliminate the need for manual conversions. Likewise, DYNA-STEP replaces the CBT shareware facility with a fully supported and z/OS certified STEPLIB solution that offers significantly expanded capabilities.

Available Immediately and Easy to Install

Tone’s new DYNA-STEP 3.2 is certified for all levels of z/OS through 2.3, and is available immediately under a wide variety of licensing options to fit any organization size and budget. A no cost evaluation is available upon request.

To request DYNA-STEP 3.2.0 for your installation, submit the Release Request form here: Request New DYNA-STEP 3.2.0