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How to Compare and Select a UC Managed Service Provider

The shift from traditional telephony platforms to Unified Communications (UC) has put organizations in more of a consumption model, which is causing a shift in how UC is supported.  The concept of a call server or PBX is really going away, as all the functions of a UC environment – voice, video and collaboration – are more and more distributed.  This trend causes server monitoring and availability to be de-emphasized.

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The Impact of Microsoft Teams to the Unified Communications Market

Do we need yet another communications platform in the seemingly crowded Enterprise Communications space? Microsoft has not only answered this question with a resounding YES but they have rapidly become a leader in the Enterprise Unified Communications (UC) space according to Gartner. Analysts cite Microsoft as a leader in the Unified Communications space, along with Cisco and Avaya. Among the key strengths identified by Gartner’s study are adoption rates for enterprises ranging from small to large organizations, integration with Skype, and integration with enterprise business processes and applications.

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