ReliaTel Skype for Business and Teams UC Management

Ensure Quality, Performance, and Services across Microsoft Unified Communications Environments

ReliaTel monitors and manages Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams unified communications service levels, delivering deep visibility and control over the entire environment to ensure quality, performance, reliability, and availability of collaboration services.

Regardless of whether your Skype or Teams UC infrastructure includes Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, or other technologies, ReliaTel comprehensively manages your entire communications mix from the edge to the desk, including softphones and collaboration assets.

End to End Skype for Business and Teams Management

ReliaTel Microsoft UC Skype - Teams BriefReliaTel for Skype for Business proactively manages the entire UC environment and infrastructure, including the underlying IPT network, primary VoIP switch, third party SBCs and network transport devices, users’ desktop resources, and users’ softphone call quality. ReliaTel Skype specific management includes:

  • Standard Edition Server
  • Front End Server and Back End Server
  • A/V Conferencing Server
  • Edge Server
  • Mediation Server
  • Archiving Server
  • Director
  • Exchange
  • Monitoring Server
  • Survivable Branch Appliance
  • Related Application Systems and Servers

ReliaTel analyzes all network layer alarms, status, and performance results, and enables users to specify customizable thresholds that tie directly to service level agreements, operational goals, quality targets and user experience objectives.

ReliaTel Ensures Skype for Business Quality of Service and Experience

ReliaTel for Skype for Business collects VoIP Quality of Service metrics for call quality and aggregates these into dynamic, real-time QoS dashboards that depict current QoS performance, QoS alarms, and extensive quality analytics to speed troubleshooting and remediation. ReliaTel for Skype for Business metrics include:

Lync QoS Monitoring
  • MOS, Packet Loss
  • Jitter, Latency, Codec
  • Caller/Called URI
  • Endpoint IP Address
  • Degradation Factors
  • Burst/Gap Density
  • Audio Signal Metrics
  • Endpoint System Info

Using the ReliaTel Skype for Business QoS Dashboard, operational teams have deep visibility into voice quality at an aggregated level, with the ability to quickly drill down into the specific metrics of individual voice calls to diagnose quality issues and uncover root cause of quality degradation.

Manage Skype for Business Performance with ReliaTel Dashboards

Lync Monitoring Performance Dashboard

ReliaTel delivers real-time visibility over the Microsoft Windows server based infrastructure that hosts Skype for Business through dynamic Performance Dashboards with customizable performance ranges and thresholds. Using ReliaTel Dashboards, operations team have the continuous critical data necessary to effectively manage SkypeUC service levels. ReliaTel’s performance metrics include:

  • CPU, Disk, Memory, Ping
  • Bandwidth and Interface
  • Application Services
  • Device and Metric Alarms

ReliaTel Skype for Business Performance and Traffic Reports Deliver Key
Service Analytics

ReliaTel Skype for Business Reporting delivers the ongoing performance, traffic, CDR, and capacity analysis information necessary to uncover recurring bottlenecks, quality issues, configuration issues, and changing capacity needs. ReliaTel Skype for Business reporting includes:

Lync P2P
  • Skype for Business Collector Summary Performance
  • MOS QoS Histogram Analysis
  • Packet Loss QoS Histogram Analysis
  • Latency QoS Histogram Analysis
  • Jitter QoS Histogram Analysis
  • Peer-to-Peer Call Sessions Summary
  • P2P Media Type Reports
  • P2P Response Code Grouping Reports
  • P2P Raw Detail Records
  • Conference Sessions Summary
  • Conference Response Code Grouping Reports
  • Conference Raw Records
  • Conference User Session Detail Records
  • Audio Quality of Experience Reports
  • Video Quality of Experience Reports

Using ReliaTel Reporting for Skype for Business, both management and operations teams can proactively ensure Skype UC performance, quality, and reliability.

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