ReliaTel Avaya IP Office UC Monitoring and Management

Ensure UC Quality and Performance across Your Entire Collaboration Environment

ReliaTel Avaya IP Office Solution Brief
ReliaTel provides proactive, end to end visibility and management over the Avaya IP Office Unified Communications environment, delivering the deep visibility and control necessary to ensure UC quality, performance, reliability, and communications service availability.

Through ReliaTel, operations teams can detect and resolve IP Office issues long before they evolve into user-impacting problems or service degradation, and ensure higher up-time, better availability, and superior service levels.

End to End Management for Avaya IPO

ReliaTel delivers a comprehensive solution for centralized fault, performance, QoS, automation, and reporting for Avaya IP Office environments to ensure optimum communications service levels.

ReliaTel provides in-depth visibility into the Avaya IP Office platform, including infrastructure, application, and the transport layer for true end to end management. ReliaTel’s visibility includes:

  • Visibility over all SNMP alarms generated
  • Thresholds to proactively alert for CPU, memory and disk usage
  • Voice Quality analytics and thresholds to ensure QoS and QoE
  • Visibility into link bandwidth and usage for routers/switches
  • Ability to enable/disable specific alarms to reduce operational “noise”
  • Proactive “status trunk”interaction with Avaya PBXs to detect non-operational members within a trunk

Visual360 Intelligence Portal Delivers Deep IP Office Visibility and Control

The ReliaTel Visual360 portal provides a revolutionary graphical view of real-time Avaya IP Office UC quality, performance, and service level analytics, all correlated with operational and network conditions throughout the environment.

Through ReliaTel Visual360, UC operations teams have the significant advantage of visualizing the relationships between devices, applications, and network segments involved in UC session paths, and the true origins of UC quality, performance, and service level degradation.

Visual360 users can immediately drill down into granular metrics to quickly and accurately isolate the root cause of IP Office UC service and quality issues. Integrated troubleshooting capabilities enable users to rapidly access and remediate issues regardless of the application or endpoint involved – all within one powerful portal.

Visual360 Hierarchical View with Avaya Alarms

Quality of Service for the Avaya IP Office Collaboration Ecosystem

ReliaTel ensures quality of service and quality of experience throughout your Avaya IP Office environment, providing the deep metrics necessary to quickly identify the root cause of quality issues. ReliaTel provides:

  • Real-time visibility of Avaya RTCP QoS statistics via Dashboards and performance reports
  • Live call views showing RTCP packet activity of MOS, Packet Loss, Latency, Jitter
  • Dashboard roll-ups with granular analytics for collection regions, IP endpoints and gateways
  • Detailed raw VoIP QoS records with 50+ metrics for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Access to Avaya CDR data for visibility to call ingress/egress statistics
  • Performance indicators for link bandwidth and voice network performance

ReliaTel detects quality issues as they occur, pinpoints their exact cause, and provides interactive dashboards that enable staff to rapidly resolve quality affecting problems before users are impacted or service is interrupted.

Extensive Avaya IP Office Alarm, Performance, and QoS Reporting

ReliaTel provides extensive Avaya IP Office reporting capabilities to optimize operations and meet service level expectations. ReliaTel reporting is fully customizable, enabling users to easily visualize alarm and quality trends, pinpoint recurring resource and performance issues, uncover blind spots, and anticipate capacity changes and needs. Reports provided out-of-the-box include:

  • Recurring Alarm Reports, Summaries and Details
  • Memory, CPU, Interface, Disk, and Ping Trend Reports
  • Traceroute Summary Reports, Failed Trace, Priority Trace, and Unique Paths
  • VoIP Quality Call Report, Voice Quality by Endpoint, Voice Quality by Collector
  • Poorly Performing Calls

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