Analyze & Troubleshoot

Leverage ReliaTel’s Deep UC Analytics and Troubleshooting Tools to Easily Pinpoint and Resolve UC Quality, Performance, and Operational Issues.

Leverage Expert UC Knowledge

Get immediate access to the critical information necessary to resolve Unified Communications issues rapidly and accurately with the ReliaTel Interactive Knowledgebase.

Expertly remediate UC quality, performance and service issues before business impact or SLA violations with ReliaTel’s pre-populated Knowledgebase of manufacturer-recommended resolutions, presented in context for the selected alarm condition.

  • Drastically reduce remediation time
  • Reduce the support workload
  • Increase support team effectiveness
  • Make support repeatable and transferrable

Real-time Activity, Health, Quality and Performance Metrics

Anticipate quality and performance issues developing across both communications assets as well as the underlying network transport infrastructure with ReliaTel customizable quality and performance thresholds that automatically trigger alerts when service degrades.

Ensure UC Quality of Service

Real-time Qos Analysis of Live UC Sessions

Consistently meet UC quality SLAs using ReliaTel’s real-time analysis of live calls and sessions through RTCP, passive RTP, and CDR data, and intercept quality fluctuation as it develops with ReliaTel’s customizable QoS thresholds to trigger quality affecting alarms.

Deep Quality Analytics for Diagnostics

Accurately pinpoint and resolve the root cause of quality issues using ReliaTel’s extensive call search capabilities based on extension number, gateway, or any of over sixty different metrics for diagnostics, including MOS, delay, jitter, burst, gap, loss, and more.

  • Identify the worst performing UC streams
  • Uncover high packet loss on related call paths
  • Locate traffic and capacity issues degrading service
  • Pinpoint network conditions affecting quality

Interactive Quality Dashboards

Accurately manage your users’ quality of experience with ReliaTel’s interactive quality dashboards that provide continuous analysis and customizable views of both aggregated and granular QoS statistics and trends, including segmented and secure client-facing dashboards specific to each client environment.

Understand and Control Performance

Dynamic Performance Dashboards

Gain deep insight into the health and operational performance trends that directly impact UC service levels with ReliaTel interactive performance dashboards that deliver a real-time graphical view of both live and historical performance analytics.


Customizable Performance Views

Empower UC teams to proactively identify poorly performing devices and network segments, locate systemic problems that jeopardize UC service levels, and better understand where and why performance issues are developing with the customizable ReliaTel performance dashboard views.

Focus on critical assets and processes and segment views by any custom criteria, including specific client, geography, technology, or business need to drive higher user and client satisfaction.

Live and Historical Performance Trending

See live performance metrics and performance trends for:

  • Network performance, throughput, bandwidth
  • Application performance, thresholds and availability
  • Processor load, CPU usage, wait I/O, response time
  • Memory usage, errors, free memory
  • Disk usage, errors, space, disk queue, database disk usage
  • Temperature, humidity, sensor status, contact closures

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Speed Troubleshooting and Remediation

Expedite diagnostics, troubleshooting and resolution of UC quality, performance, and operational issues with ReliaTel interactive remote access and troubleshooting tools.

VPN-less Secure Remote Access

Eliminate truck rolls, increase SLA compliance, and reduce remediation time with ReliaTel Access Plus, VPN-less remote access to securely control managed devices, processes, and applications for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Interactive Trace Route and Ping

Identify WAN and LAN performance issues and resolve operational issues with ReliaTel integrated prioritized traceroute and ping capabilities.

Complete Logs and Audit Trail

Utilize ReliaTel’s complete audit trail of extensive alarm, message, action, and user logs to diagnose and resolve UC issues rapidly and accurately.

Analyze & Troubleshoot Videos

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Real-Time Performance Management Video

Dynamic Performance Dashboards Video

Customizable Performance Views Video

Live and Historical Performance Trending Video