ReliaTel 6.3.0 Ensures UC Service Levels with Expanded UC Availability Monitoring, Enhanced Windows Management

ReliaTel Release 6.3.0 Provides Expanded Functionality to Help Ensure Unified Communications Environments Meet the Evolving Service Level Demands of Today’s Business Operations

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The ReliaTel 6.3.0 release delivers broader capabilities to manage Windows Servers, expanded UC Availability Monitoring Dashboards, and enhanced performance reporting functionality along with many additional features to boost unified communications staff effectiveness and ensure UC service levels meet the needs of today’s business operations.

The critical role of unified communications has never been more clear than during the massive shift in working models over the last two years. More than ever, UC teams must flawlessly support a broad spectrum of virtual meeting, messaging, and voice applications across a diverse technology landscape.

The ReliaTel 6.3.0 release directly addresses this challenge with key enhancements to streamline management of Windows infrastructures, as well as deeper visibility over device availability that directly impacts UC user experience. With broader capabilities to predict performance issues and detect anomalies before user impact, ReliaTel 6.3.0 equips UC teams with the insight and answers necessary to meet the UC challenge.

Release 6.3.0 Enhancements and Capabilities

ReliaTel 6.3.0 Availability Dashboard

    • Device Availability Dashboard – The ReliaTel 6.3.0 Device Availability dashboard calculates availability and displays a color-graded dashboard view ranging from the last 5 minutes to the last 30 days, based on parameters chosen. The new Availability Dashboard view provides an immediate gauge of critical device health, enabling UC teams to better anticipate and proactively resolve performance issues before service impact.


    • Enhanced Windows Server Monitoring – ReliaTel 6.3.0 utilizes a new data collection method for Windows servers, providing extensive performance data for reporting as well as real-time metrics, including CPU, Disk, Memory, and more.


  • Performance Reporting Enhancements – ReliaTel 6.3.0 enables UC teams to easily schedule and run detailed performance and trending reports for distribution via e-mail to specified recipients. Reporting can be automated to generate in the background on a repeating schedule, then automatically notify recipients that reports are ready for viewing.


ReliaTel 6.3.0 provides numerous additional enhancements to key functionality including alarm management, entity administration, monitoring capabilities, product configuration and more. For complete details, view the ReliaTel 6.3.0 What’s New PDF.

Available Immediately – Request ReliaTel 6.3.0

The enhanced 6.3.0 release is available immediately. Request the new release by submitting the ReliaTel Upgrade Request Form, or contact Tone by email:, or