ReliaTel 6.2.0 Broadens VMWare ESXi Management, SNMP Monitoring, LDAP Support and More…

ReliaTel 6.2.0 Monitors VMWare ESXi Virtual Servers, Manages Users via LDAP, Expands SNMP Monitoring, Delivers Enhanced Dashboard and Alarming Capabilities and Much More…

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Today’s communications environments evolve rapidly, requiring UC teams to be forever nimble. The ReliaTel 6.2.0 release directly addresses this challenge with key enhancements that simplify the ongoing management of the constantly changing UC landscape.

Using the ReliaTel 6.2.0 expanded capabilities, UC teams have a powerful arsenal to ensure UC quality and service levels not only across existing communication devices, but newly added devices as well. The 6.2.0 release upgrade is available immediately to all ReliaTel paid maintenance customers, and is included in the maintenance program.
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Release 6.2.0 Enhancements and Capabilities

ReliaTel 6.2.0 VMWare ESXi Dashboard

  • Monitoring VMWare ESXi™ Servers – ReliaTel now monitors the guest virtual machines hosted on a ESXi™ server for CPU utilization, logical disk usage, memory, processes, and network utilization. The resources and metrics of each guest virtual machine are displayed in Dashboard tonelets, and alarms are generated when metrics exceed specified thresholds or when faults occur, providing much more granular real-time management of VM environments.

  • Authenticating and Authorizing ReliaTel Users Through LDAP – Administrators can now reduce their workload by using LDAP to authenticate (user name/password) and authorize (permissions) ReliaTel users, eliminating the need to create new ReliaTel user accounts, manage user passwords, or assign specific permissions to ReliaTel users.
  • SNMP Traps for New Devices – Adding a new device to the network that needs ReliaTel management is now easier than ever if the new device supports SNMP. This ReliaTel 6.2.0 feature provides the tools and processes to set up SNMP trap monitoring immediately, eliminating the need to wait for a Foundation Kit to become available or assistance from the Tone Support team.
  • Monitor a New Device with a Generic Entity – The Generic Entity feature enables monitoring of any new, old, or commonly not monitored devices. If a device can be programmatically queried, ReliaTel will be able to monitor the device to generate fault events and metric alarms, display data in Dashboards and run reports in Performance Reporting using the Generic Entity capabilities. Email Tone Technical Support, or call 714-991-9460, Option 1 for more information regarding this feature.
  • Suppressing Dashboard Metric Alarms – This feature enables administrators to add an alarm schedule to Dashboard metrics alarming rules. The schedule enables alarms to be suppressed at specific times and time periods, which is particularly helpful during device maintenance periods when performance monitoring can generate a large volume of performance-related alarms.
  • ReliaTel 6.2.0 Alarm Chime

  • Alarm Chimes for New Alarms – An optional chime can be played for new alarms. The optional chimes are available for a new alarm, as well as new alarms with peg counts that follow, sounding the chime with each increase in peg count. Chimes can also be turned off altogether if desired.

  • DAP SSL Certificate Monitoring – ReliaTel will systematically monitor Data Acquisition Point SSL certificate expiration dates on a daily basis, and issue status alarms at 90 days = FYI; 60 days = MIN; 30 days = MAJ; and 15 days = CRI. Self-signed certificates are not included in this feature.
  • DAP Default Access Services – ReliaTel automatically creates a DAP entity when a remote Data Acquisition Point is added to the network. By default, the access services SSH, RDP, Telnet, and VNC are automatically added to the auto-created DAP entity for use with AccessPlus. Note that other services can be added and the default services automatically added are editable.

ReliaTel 6.2.0 also includes numerous additional enhancements to many product areas including dashboard metrics, device discovery, Knowledgebase, managing SYSLOG messages, and Administration. For complete details, View the ReliaTel 6.2.0 What’s New PDF >.

Available Immediately – Request ReliaTel 6.2.0

The enhanced ReliaTel 6.2.0 release is available immediately to current maintenance customers. Request the new release by submitting the ReliaTel Upgrade Request Form, or contact Tone by email:, or call 714-991-9460, Option 1.