Tone’s ReliaTel 5.3 Delivers Deep Avaya IP Office Management with SMDR Capacity and Traffic Insight

ReliaTel 5.3 Provides Dynamic Dashboards and Custom Reporting for Avaya Station Message Detail Recording Data, with Broad QoS and Performance Management

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Tone Software, a leading provider of comprehensive unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) monitoring and management software for advanced collaboration ecosystems today announced the new ReliaTel 5.3 release with comprehensive Avaya IP Office (IPO) management capabilities and expanded support for Avaya Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) data.

Through the new ReliaTel 5.3 enhancements, Avaya IPO environments now have dynamic real-time SMDR dashboards, and easy access to customizable SMDR capacity and traffic reports that provide detailed insight on incoming and outgoing call traffic throughout the IP Office communications ecosystem.

ReliaTel Robust Management for IP Office Environments

Avaya IP Office has now surged past 600,000 systems issued for midmarket business communications worldwide, while Service Providers and cloud communications providers increasingly turn to the IPO Cloud platform to satisfy the midmarket’s appetite for scalable, cost-efficient cloud communication choices. As a result, the need for robust solutions to ensure the quality, performance and service levels of Avaya IPO ecosystems has grown exponentially.

ReliaTel addresses this need with broad and deep IPO management capabilities, including real-time monitoring and analysis of Quality of Service (QoS) and performance levels, dynamic visualization of correlated IP Office device and network service levels through Visual360, and the latest addition of real-time dashboards and customizable SMDR reporting facilities to fully manage IPO traffic and overall capacity.

ReliaTel Avaya Trunk Group Monitoring

Using the new 5.3 release, IPO teams can readily identify service-impacting under-trunking or costly over-trunking conditions, troubleshoot circuit and call flow issues, and analyze call volume and call handling activities to better optimize IPO operations.

“As more sizable businesses deploy the scalable Avaya IP Office platform, capacity planning and traffic management for IPO have become paramount to ensure quality and availability within the environment,” stated Paul Wiggins, director of UC strategies for Tone Software. “The new ReliaTel 5.3 SMDR support puts powerful capacity and traffic management capabilities within easy reach of both end users and Service Providers to ensure they derive the highest performance from their IP Office driven communications,” he added.

Business Opportunity for Service and Cloud Providers

Providers aiming to capitalize on the midmarket opportunity for both unified communications and cloud communications can readily leverage ReliaTel’s Avaya SMDR support by offering higher value IP Office capacity and traffic management services within their cloud communications portfolios. Providing seamless integration with hybrid and cloud-based UC&C architectures, the ReliaTel as a Service cloud-based management option delivers deep visibility and control over quality and performance of Avaya Aura, Avaya IP Office, Cisco, and Teams/Skype environments that are configured on premise, in a hybrid model, or through a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) model.

The ReliaTel as a Service benefits include rapid deployment, reduced operational overhead, a pay-as-you-go consumption model, and multi-tenant support that fits the Providers’ business model perfectly, empowering Providers to better engage their clients, win more deals, reduce churn, and increase service profits through cost effective, customizable, cloud-based ReliaTel UC service management.

Visual360 and Executive Dashboards Deliver In Depth Avaya IP Office Intelligence

ReliaTel and ReliaTel as a Service both deliver deep insight through the ReliaTel Visual360 intelligence portal to visualize real-time UC quality, performance, and service level analytics correlated with operational and network conditions within one powerful visual portal.

Through Visual360, operations teams have the significant advantage of clearly seeing relationships between devices, applications, and network segments to rapidly pinpoint the true root cause of QoS and performance degradation. As a result, UC teams can drastically reduce the troubleshooting time required to diagnose UC issues by up to fifty percent, and utilize the integrated Visual360 remediation capabilities to quickly and accurately resolve issues.

ReliaTel Visual360 Hierarchical View

In addition, ReliaTel’s unique Executive Dashboards empower Providers to deliver business-specific intelligence in a truly customized view that is more meaningful and valuable to each client. Combined with ReliaTel’s Visual360 graphical management portal, deep visibility across most flavors of communication technology, and ability to visualize Avaya IP Office data, the ReliaTel as a Service solution positions Service Providers to not only capitalize on their UCaaS offerings, but also enjoy considerable competitive advantages.

Available Immediately – Request ReliaTel 5.3 Today

The ReliaTel 5.3 release is available immediately to licensed users currently on ReliaTel product maintenance. Contact Tone Technical Services to schedule your ReliaTel release upgrade today.

Send an email to or call 714-991-9460 and select option 1.

About Tone Software

Tone Software Corporation is a global provider of comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for advanced communications and collaboration ecosystems. Tone’s ReliaTel provides managed service providers (MSPs), UC as a Service providers (UCaaS), value added resellers (VARs), and enterprises with a unified approach for managing and monitoring their entire communications and collaboration environment, supporting the industry’s leading devices, networks, and applications from multiple vendors on multiple platforms. By unifying multi-vendor UC, SIP, and collaboration management in one solution, ReliaTel provides the ideal platform for organizations to cost effectively manage the quality, capacity, and service levels of the critical communications and collaboration systems that drive their business. For more information, visit the ReliaTel Avaya IP Office page. Tone on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Follow Tone on Facebook or Twitter.

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