OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 Broadens JES2 Spool Management Features and Expands JES3 Capabilities

The OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 Release Delivers Key Enhancements for Both JES2 and JES3 to Drive User Productivity in Every JES Environment…

ANAHEIM, Calif., Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM System Z mainframes, announced the OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 release of their comprehensive JES2 and JES3 Spool Viewing and Management software for IBM Z Systems.

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OMC-FLASH Spool Partition and Extent DisplayOMC-FLASH delivers high-performance operational management for both JES2 and JES3 spool environments, providing systems programmers, application programmers, and ISPF users with an efficient method of viewing and controlling JES2 and JES3 jobs, output, devices, workflow, resources, and the JESplex.

Designed to fuel z/OS user productivity, OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 includes the JES2 Resource Monitoring panel to display each JES2 resource or control block, the Spool Volume Display showing existing Spool Partitions and Extents under JES2 and JES3, and the JES2 JESplex Display to display data from other systems in the JES2 MAS, including active jobs, JES2 INIT data, JES2 Health Checker data, JES2 PROCLIB data, and JES2 USS data.


Designed for the Future of JES, in Any Flavor

Many current JES3 shops face a weighty decision as to which JES flavor they will embrace in future – either continued use of JES3 without IBM support, or the considerable task of migrating their environment to JES2.

OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 makes that JES choice easier, combining notable enhancements to the robust JES3 feature set OMC-FLASH users have enjoyed for years, along with expanded JES2 capabilities that help pave the way for users wishing to transition.

Of particular merit is the innovative OMC-FLASH migration utility to assist users in automatically porting their OMC-FLASH configuration from their JES3 environment to JES2. Regardless of the JES flavor chosen, OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 streamlines interaction with both the z/OS system and JES, enabling users to accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently and increase their productivity.

“The OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 release provides our valued customers with the best of both worlds,” stated Shirley Balarezo, president, Tone Software. “With broader JES2 capabilities, extended JES3 enhancements, and a JES2 migration utility to assist users wishing to transition, the OMC-FLASH release is a strategic winner for z/OS shops regardless of their future JES direction,” she concluded.


Fueled by Feedback from the Largest OMC-FLASH z/OS Shops

The majority of the OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 release enhancements are a direct result of input and feedback from Tone’s valued OMC-FLASH users in the largest z/OS shops around the world.

Further, OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 is easily installed through a standard SMP/E routine and supports all z/OS releases through 2.4, in both JES2 and JES3 environments. For a detailed list of OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 enhancements, view the What’s New in OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 PDF on Tone’s website.

OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 Debuts at SHARE

Tone’s OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 release debuts at the SHARE Conference. Visit Tone’s Booth to meet the Tone Z Mainframe Development team and learn more about OMC-FLASH 5.0.0, Tone DevOps tools, and all the Tone System Z solutions designed to increase z/OS user productivity.

For more information on OMC-FLASH for JES2 and JES3, visit: OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Spool Management page.