MSPs and UCaaS Providers Face Key Challenge – Capacity Planning

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Providers offer a lifeline for their clients, delivering unified communications and network management that ensures organizations can function and conduct business.  So, what is the most challenging aspect of ensuring communications service levels across clients’ ecosystems?  Many MSPs and UCaaS providers tell us they are continuously seeking better ways to perform Capacity Planning to ensure their clients have sufficient resources, quality, and the service levels necessary to support critical communications during fluctuations and peaks in business activity.

ReliaTel provides key functionality that can address the need for better Capacity Planning, providing advanced Performance and Capacity reporting for Cisco Route Groups, including bi-directional call totals, simultaneous usage and Cisco specific utilization metrics on a per Route Group basis. Using these analytics, MSPs and UCaaS providers gain powerful visibility into peak busy hours, bi-directionally, to ensure their clients have enough voice pathways to run their business.  In addition, the advanced ReliaTel capacity reporting can be scheduled, and periodically provided to clients as a value-add service that can drive higher revenue for the provider, while also ensuring clients never experience resource shortages that impede and impact unified communications and collaboration.  Check out more information about the ReliaTel capabilities for MSPs and UCaaS providers here.