DYNA-STEP Dynamic STEPLIB and Library Management

Automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB and ISPF libraries to save time, reduce maintenance, and save system resources with DYNA-STEP.

Through DYNA-STEP, z/OS mainframe shops can easily replace the unsupported CA TSOPLUS software, and rapidly and efficiently migrate new host application versions from test to production – all saving valuable staff time and increasing overall productivity.


STEPLIB-Rx TSOPLUS Replacement and STEPLIB Management

Transparently replace CA TSOPLUS with Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx, an easy to deploy replacement for the TSOPLUS software no longer supported by CA Technologies (CA Inc.).

STEPLIB-Rx replaces the TSOPLUS STEPLIBX allocation capabilities and the ODA on-demand application facility and includes utilities to intelligently translate the existing allocation environment to eliminate the need for manual conversions or re-implementations.

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OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Management Solution

Empower IT teams to intelligently manage the entire z/OS JES2 and JES3 Spool environments, resources, and workflow with OMC-FLASH from Tone Software.

Immediately boost the operational productivity of the entire system and application programming staff with OMC-FLASH high-performance spool viewing, management and control capabilities for both JES2 and JES3, – all in one powerful JES-neutral solution.


OMC-PRINT – Host VTAM and Enterprise Network Print Management

Leverage powerful, versatile z/OS print management, with output routing directly to local and remote VTAM print devices with OMC-PRINT from Tone Software.

Route and print output anywhere, anytime, directly from the JES spool, and control print activity and network print devices with OMC-PRINT for z/OS output management.