Tone Names Laret Melsch Systems Exclusive German Distributor for Tone Mainframe Technologies

Laret Melsch Now Exclusive German Distributor For Marketing, Distribution And Support Of TONE Mainframe Software Products

ANAHEIM, Calif., —Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM z/OS mainframe environments, announced as of January 1st, 2016, Laret Melsch Systems GmbH is now the exclusive Distributor for the marketing, sales, and technical support of the TONE Software products in Germany.

TONE has selected Laret Melsch Systems as the ideal partner to market and support TONE products based on their in-depth expertise with the TONE software technology, and the valuable long-term relationship between the Laret Melsch Systems principals and TONE. This long-term relationship uniquely positions Laret Melsch Systems to deliver unparalleled TONE technical product expertise to Tone’s German mainframe product user community.

Tone Product Technical Support for German Users

Effective immediately, the support for all TONE Software products will be exclusively provided through the Laret Melsch Systems offices in Germany. Laret Melsch Systems provides 24×7 technical support for those TONE product users who wish to arrange comprehensive, around the clock technical services.

To request immediate technical support for TONE products, or to address other TONE product concerns, please contact the Laret Melsch Systems offices using the information below:

Laret Melsch Systems GmbH

Osterdelle 7, 42489 Wülfrath

Laret Melsch Support

Tone and Laret Melsch Committed to Service Excellence

TONE Software, together with Laret Melsch Systems GmbH, are committed to providing unparalleled product quality and service excellence to all our users.

Should German users have concerns or questions regarding the transition to Laret Melsch, contact TONE’s U.S. headquarters at 1-714-991-9460, or through the TONE corporate web site at , or via email at and

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