Keys To MSP Survival In The Cloud Driven UCaaS And UC World

Unified Communications is quickly moving to a “per-seat, per-month” consumptive cloud and hybrid model, where barriers to entry and adoption are low—and the perceived value of “pay-for-use” is high. This shift to a UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) consumptive model has broad implications for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) competing in this growing sweet spot.

For MSPs, understanding this shift will be critical in their efforts to gain new clients, and retain existing clients. The providers that offer the best mix of “pay-as-you-go-services,” price, quality, and ability to deliver on SLAs will win the day.

Successful MSPs must embrace significant shifts in their business that will impact service delivery, operational support, and service practice strategies. While the cloud changes the way voice, collaboration, and communication services are delivered, MSPs must continue to provide seamless accessibility and near flawless quality to their clients consuming these cloud-based UC and collaboration offerings.

To accomplish this, MSPs must have the necessary weapons in their arsenal to successfully compete and deliver cloud-based UC service assurance. Unfortunately, many service assurance solutions fall short, and do not provide the needed real-time diagnostic information necessary, or automatically correlate service and quality issues back to the root cause. A wholesale change in the MSP service assurance arsenal is necessary, focusing on solutions that incorporate advanced diagnostics, knowledge base data, remote access, QoS and QoE management, performance dashboards, automation, and reporting for the advanced UCaaS environment.

Tone Software addresses the evolving UC service delivery challenges facing today’s MSPs with the ReliaTel UC Service assurance solution. ReliaTel is the strategic technology of choice for MSPs looking for a competitive edge in a marketplace that demands an optimized mix of service, price, quality and ability to deliver service to customers in the consumptive, utility style of cloud-based UC.

visual360_hierarchy_thumb_150x112ReliaTel transforms service delivery through an integrated, single pane of glass portal that includes the revolutionary Visual360™ real-time graphical view of the UC environment. Through ReliaTel Visual360, MSP service delivery teams gain real-time quality analytics, performance metrics, CDR, traffic and capacity data all correlated and integrated into one real-time graphical view for every client, as well as the UCaaS ecosystem as a whole.   Using ReliaTel Visual360, service provider teams have the visual intelligence necessary to not only ensure client SLAs in today’s cloud-based, consumptive UC world, but also gain considerable competitive advantages to gain new clients, and retain hard-won existing clients.

For more information on UCaaS solutions from Tone Software visit:   ReliaTel Visual360.