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How to Create a Spreadsheet File with the RPL Option of JES2Mail and JES2FTP

With the RPL language of JES2Mail or JES2FTP, one can easily create a spreadsheet-ready, comma-delimited file from a report. For example, a host generated sales report would be more useful if the data could be presented in a spreadsheet so users can manipulate and sort the data for more in depth analysis.

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Mask Sensitive Data WITHOUT Application Changes with the RPL Option of JES2Mail and JES2FTP

Protecting sensitive data such as SSNs, account numbers, userids and passwords has never been more important. The JES2Mail and JES2FTP powerful Report Processing Language (RPL) can remove or mask sensitive data before reports are delivered – without changing your underlying application.

For example, specific data from a payroll register report is needed by certain users, however, those same users do not need and should not have employee names, SSNs, and other sensitive data. The RPL option of JES2Mail and JES2FTP can handle this task by masking the relevant data before delivery.  

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How to Embed Additional Files into a JES2Mail or JES2FTP PDF File

JES2Mail and JES2FTP provide the ability to embed files into a PDF document. Adobe refers to this capability as “attaching files”, however since “attachment” is used more frequently to describe a file attached to an email message, the term “embedded” is more accurate for the JES2Mail and JES2FTP functionality.

In the JES2Mail world, embedded files are placed inside a PDF file that is created, and then the PDF file can be attached to an email message and delivered to the desired recipient.

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How To Add AES Encryption to a JES2Mail and JES2FTP PDF Document

Adobe Acrobat moved to support the AES encryption algorithm some time ago, which is a superior method compared to the older RC4 method. JES2Mail and JES2FTP encrypt PDF documents using this superior AES algorithm, which is always 128-bit.

Once JES2Mail and/or JES2FTP encryption has been added, the security provided by encryption remains with the file during and after the transmission to its intended destination and recipient. Therefore, the document and all embedded files within it will continue to be protected.

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