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Managed Services Match Up: How to Compare, Select, and Manage a UC Service Provider

Learn How to Choose the Right UC Service Provider

Get a practical guide on how to compare, select, and manage your UC Managed Service Provider – a daunting task since all service plans are NOT created equal.

Paul Wiggins, Tone Software Director of UC Strategies guides you through the key elements and deliverables that must be included, how your service package should be structured to align with your business model, and the different program structures typically offered for UC Managed Services in today’s market.

What You’ll Learn from the Presentation

  • Practical criteria to determine the best provider and program for your business
  • A clear understanding of Managed Service Provider best practices you should look for
  • How to build transparency into your Managed Services Program
  • Key elements that will enable oversight and validation of the expected service levels
  • Operational processes every Provider must have to efficiently provide UC services
  • How to drive the expected ROI from your UC managed services

Presented at IAUG CONVERGE