DYNA-STEP® Dynamic STEPLIB Replaces Unsupported Tools

Mainframe Pros need reliable ways to manage TSO, STEPLIBs, and ISPF Libraries, particularly if your current STEPLIB utility is NOT supported, or you’re upgrading to a new z/OS release – such as the latest z/OS 2.5.

Ensure Your z/OS Migration Goes Smoothly with DYNA-STEP Dynamic STEPLIB.

DYNA-STEP is a Powerful Dynamic STEPLIB Solution to Replace Unsupported Tools, TSOPLUS, and CBT Shareware

Unsupported tools, including TSOPLUS, the CBT Tape and similar shareware put your environment at risk, while manual ISPF customizations are time consuming, labor intensive, and error prone.

DYNA-STEP delivers powerful dynamic STEPLIB allocation and extensive ISPF library management, empowering TSO and ISPF users to easily run multiple versions of applications simultaneously to speed testing and application upgrades.

Further, DYNA-STEP includes capabilities that boost ISPF performance, while increasing flexibility to test on-the-fly and expedite new software version roll-outs.

z/OS Shops Planning to Migrate Must Now Take Action to Replace Unsupported Tools and Shareware…

Many z/OS mainframe installations must now take action as they migrate to later releases of z/OS, which may not be compatible with legacy STEPLIB tools such as CA TSOPLUS and shareware. Don’t put your z/OS environment at risk using tools that are not certified with the latest levels of z/OS and could create support risks!

DYNA-STEP provides a better approach for dynamic STEPLIB allocation, managing ISPF libraries, and automating critical z/OS system processes while saving staff time, system resources, and bottom line costs.

DYNA-STEP is fully supported and certified compatible on all levels of z/OS through 2.5.

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