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Day 2 from ITEXPO East

As we conclude Day 2 from ITEXPO in Miami, we focus our attention towards the vendors exhibiting throughout the conference and the interesting dynamics of vendor-to-vendor / vendor-to-audience relationships.  As mentioned from my previous blog posting, it’s evident the focus on Cloud offering dominates all aspects of businesses showcasing this year. Day 2 began with my educational session on boosting the business of service providers through remote managed services hosted by Telecom Reseller (A quick thank you to Doug Green from Telecom Reseller for his hospitality and coordination efforts). The audience consisted primarily of service providers seeking to create a Managed Services offering but unable to determine an appropriate launch program.  While educational by design, several attendees expressed their desire to launch a remote managed services program but lack the tools and expertise to effectively succeed.

Which leads me back towards my primary topic, the dynamics of the ITEXPO show provides a unique marketplace to allow the following interactions:

Vendor-to-Vendor Sales – With cloud providers, technology resellers, hosted integrators, wholesalers, manufacturers, software developers and even marketing specialists exhibiting at ITEXPO this year, the environment facilitated vendors to pitch their products and solutions to other vendors exhibiting. Cloud providers seek service providers, integrators seek cloud providers, wholesalers seek both resellers and cloud providers, software developers seek integrators and manufacturers while marketing seeks everyone. Since the show dynamics create a ripe environment to allow free dialogue between vendors seeking partnerships, the need to perform the “hard sell” is completely removed.

Vendor-to-Attendees Sales – It’s evident that a large percentage of attendees were service providers, resellers and software manufacturers seeking, once again, to acquire new products into their portfolio. Resellers were searching for new manufacturers and service providers to increase product portfolio. Service providers were seeking best-of-breed hosted and cloud offerings to once again add to product portfolio. Software Manufacturers, geared primarily for OEM relationships, were seeking any vendor willing to incorporate new technologies into their product offerings.

ITEXPO East offers a unique environment for resellers, service providers and technology manufacturers to interoperate in a well defined conference. Everything from the  Startup camp to the various co-located conferences exudes an aura of collaboration unique to the reseller/integrator/service provider/manufacturer market space.

I’m looking forward to Day 3 from ITEXPO Miami.

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