Installation & Implementation

Installation & Implementation

TONE leverages years of experience deploying technology in complex corporate, carrier, service provider and government environments to ensure each technology implementation meets and exceeds Client expectations.

Our implementation process typically consists of the following project phases:

Statement of Work: The SOW clearly identifies the desired objectives and deliverables. Overall project timelines and milestones are defined to ensure all team participants are synchronized.

Site Survey: The Systems Engineer(s) conducts a Client Site Survey to ensure all elements required for implementation are properly addressed in the SOW. All physical requirements for installation and connectivity are identified and discussed.

Initial Installation: The TONE Systems Engineer(s) travels to the Client site(s) and the software is installed and configured to meet Client requirements and project objectives. The assigned Systems Engineer(s) works directly with all appropriate Client contacts.

Deployment & Implementation Team Meetings: The solution is deployed following installation, and implementation meetings occur as necessary to ensure Client expectations are met.

Training: Operator and Administrator training is completed onsite by the Systems Engineer. This allows the Client’s users to immediately begin using the solution in a productive manner. All training materials are provided by TONE, while the training facilities are provided by the Client.

Implementation Acceptance: Upon completion of the implementation, the Client and TONE’s Systems Engineer will jointly audit the solution as deployed and complete an Implementation Acceptance Form. This process ensures the solution is functioning at peak productivity and delivering the expected results.

Transition to TONE Software Support Group: Once the solution implementation has been approved, the TONE Support Group will address all Client questions or issues that may arise. The Systems Engineer(s) responsible for the implementation project works closely with both the Client and TONE’s Support Team to streamline the transition process. In addition, the Systems Engineer remains available directly to the Client to ensure all issues are quickly addressed to the Client’s satisfaction.

The installation and implementation process above is designed to allow the solution deployment to proceed in parallel with the roll out of the Client’s entire project.

This implementation process has been refined throughout TONE’s 35 years of successful technology business. Over the years, TONE SOFTWARE has successfully completed implementation projects for many Fortune 500 companies, resulting in hundreds of delighted Clients worldwide.

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