ReliaTel® Administration Training

ReliaTel® Administration Training

ReliaTel Course Descriptions

This in-depth course combines lecture, demonstration, and hands-on work sessions to educate ReliaTel System Administrators on deploying, operating, and maintaining the ReliaTel Management Solution.

Students attending the ReliaTel Administration training will be prepared to effectively perform the following ReliaTel administration activities:

  • Define and administer Centers, Entities, Users, and Permissions
  • Define and administer the ReliaTel Management Map
  • Define and customize ReliaTel Alerting, Alarming, Filtering, and Logging
  • Define and customize ReliaTel Alarm Types and Categories
  • Define and customize Notification Coverage, Actions, and Medias
  • Assign and schedule Automated Actions and Responses
  • Configure secure and non-secure Data Acquistion Points (DAP)
  • Understand ReliaTel system Backup and Database Backup

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for personnel who will be responsible for deploying and maintaining the production ReliaTel Management system. Senior ReliaTel operators, application system administrators, designated computer operations supervisors, and automation system analysts can benefit from attending this comprehensive ReliaTel training experience.