Education & Training

Education & Training

Derive the Maximum Benefit from Your Technology

Comprehensive ReliaTel training is readily available to ensure Clients derive the maximum benefit from their ReliaTel investment.

The ReliaTel training programs include a complete curriculum from initial implementation through full utilization, and are designed to:

  • Fully train both administrators and operators
  • Prepare staff to maintain and expand the ReliaTel system
  • Enable Authorized users to perform configuration and operational changes as necessary and desired

ReliaTel training can be structured for presentation at an individual Client facility if desired, however, the training is also periodically scheduled at various regional locations to provide an opportunity for multiple Clients to attend, network, and benefit from the experiences of other ReliaTel users.

All ReliaTel training programs include:

  • Topical lecture sessions
  • Live demonstrations
  • Hands-on workshop sessions
  • Full training materials

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