Optimize UC Service Operations

Enhance Service Delivery and Optimize UC Service Operations

Intelligently Manage and Control Your Entire UC Service Ecosystem with the ReliaTel VoIP and UC Management Solution…

The diversity and complexity of VoIP, SIP, and Unified Communications technologies increases the risks and demands of delivering managed services, and raises the bar for success. Successfully delivering profitable managed services requires excellence in operational efficiency and service delivery, and powerful solutions to proactively manage all clients’ communications ecosystems.

For service providers, the ability to monitor and manage the client technology and networks that comprise your total solution is crucial. After all, how can you effectively agree to service level agreements without the power to see and control those service levels accurately and instantaneously – regardless of the clients’ technology mix?

ReliaTel delivers real-time VoIP QoS, UC, and IT performance monitoring across virtually any technology mix or network configuration, including Avaya / Avaya Red, Nortel / Avaya Blue, Cisco, Microsoft Lync, third party SBCs, and much more.

End to End, 360° Management for Your Entire Service Ecosystem

Through ReliaTel’s multi-platform, 360° management capabilities, the MSP service delivery teams have deeper visibility and more powerful control of their clients’ entire VoIP and UC environment to immediately see client performance ranges, critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), QoS and QoE trends and analytics, and threats to specific client SLAs and services.

Using the powerful ReliaTel Knowledgebase, diagnostics, and remediation facilities, MSP teams can consistently anticipate and resolve VoIP and UC issues to ensure client up-time, quality, and service availability. ReliaTel’s dynamic, real-time management gives you the immediate insight necessary to meet SLAs consistently.

With ReliaTel, you’ll achieve strong, verifiable control over your clients’ operational performance and gain access to the analytics, trending data and reports that prove it. Further, the ReliaTel traffic, capacity, and performance reports help MSPs optimize client operations, infrastructures, and networks.

ReliaTel Provides a Complete Management Platform for Service Delivery:

  • Broader, deeper management across Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Lync, and the underlying transport infrastructure with a unified, comprehensive management platform.
  • Multi-tenant design enables rapid client on-boarding, and adaptable implementation options to fit your service delivery model.
  • Re-brandable, secure web portal and dashboards enable MSPs to provide each client with controlled access to VoIP and UC health, quality, and performance views, as well as dashboards for just their environment.
  • Comprehensive QoS and Performance Analytics, including real-time QoS monitoring with RTCP and Passive QoS metrics, MOS, and QoE statistics, as well as dynamic performance dashboards with critical KPIs and diagnostics.
  • Integrated Knowledge base delivers context-based intelligence to help service staff resolve issues more rapidly, more accurately, and well before the client’s business is impacted.
  • Secure Remote Access delivers direct troubleshooting capabilities to improve Mean Time to Repair, and increase SLA compliance.
  • Extensive Reporting provides service staff with actionable data to optimize operations for every client, and helps MSPs document all services delivered to clients – proving both SLA compliance and documenting the value of services delivered.
  • Powerful Automation to reduce manual intervention, expedite routine recovery tasks, and execute scheduled maintenance for recurring tasks, resulting in significant staff time savings.
  • Adaptable APIs and integration options enable flexible customization for specific client environment configuration, third party applications, and client business processes.
  • Flexible Connectivity easily adapts to client environments, using nonintrusive, low overhead connectivity techniques that minimize bandwidth consumption and optimize real-time data collection and delivery.
  • Streamlined Deployment expedites client on-boarding, enabling Service Providers to rapidly establish proactive monitoring, logging, and remote access through the use of expert Foundation Kits for numerous popular platforms and devices.

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