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Lower Operational Costs, Increase Profit Margins, and Boost Your Bottom Line with ReliaTel

Tone’s ReliaTel VoIP QoS and UC Management Solution empowers today’s Service Providers to significantly grow service revenue and profit margins, increase SLA compliance, lower the costs of delivering services, and expand client satisfaction and retention levels – all of which adds up to significant improvements to the managed services business bottom line.

Cost Efficiently Deliver VoIP, UC, and IT Managed Services

The ReliaTel management solution delivers critical VoIP QoS and UC performance monitoring, deep analytics, extensive reporting, adaptable automation, and complete service level management across virtually any technology mix, including Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Lync, and more.

Through ReliaTel, MSPs can efficiently deliver VoIP, UC, and IT managed services to their entire diverse client base through a unified, re-brandable solution, without additional staff or costly experts that increase overhead and reduce profits, and without the need for multiple, expensive, manufacturer-specific hardware or software tools.

Further, ReliaTel empowers your service teams to consistently meet SLAs, while optimizing operations for every client to reduce service workloads, reduce trouble tickets, reduce potential outages, and eliminate costly SLA penalties.

ReliaTel is an illuminating, off-the-shelf solution that strategically positions you for revenue-generation, improved operating efficiency and service cost-reduction today and tomorrow.

Increase Your Profitability – Use ReliaTel To:

  • Reduce Operational Overhead – ReliaTel enhances MSP technician effectiveness with deep visibility, extensive analytics and diagnostics, secure remote access, and an integrated, expert knowledge base with context-based recommendations to expedite problem resolution, reduce trouble tickets, pre-empt quality degradation, avoid service outages, and consistently comply with SLAs.
  • Prove Your Service Value with Reporting Options – ReliaTel enables MSPs to deliver comprehensive service level reporting to document SLA compliance, clearly identify all quality and performance issues resolved for each client, illustrate capacity trends that prove the need for upgrades, expansion, and additional services.
  • Increase Customer Retention and Renewals – ReliaTel helps MSPs deliver higher service levels for their clients’ VoIP and UC business communications, and provides the key service reports that prove the value of services provided. As a result, client satisfaction levels are higher and client renewals are more forthcoming.
  • Maximize Investments with Flexible Licensing – The ReliaTel licensing model enables MSPs to transfer unused or decommissioned device monitoring licenses to new devices, or new clients, at any time. As a result, Service Providers have complete flexibility to maximize the deployment of ReliaTel throughout their evolving client base to provide the best return on investment for the MSP business.

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