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Show Higher Value to your Clients, Enable and Optimize Your Service Operations with ReliaTel

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), ReliaTel delivers a unified, vendor-independent solution that manifests broad leaps in efficiency, visibility and service profitability.

Across the landscape of your clients’ diverse multi-vendor ecosystems, ReliaTel empowers MSPs to comprehensively monitor and manage all clients’ VoIP, UC, TDM, and network technologies from virtually any manufacturer – all through a unified, cost effective management platform.

Gain a Competitive Advantage and Improve Your Bottom Line with ReliaTel:

ReliaTel provides a true, integrated view of your entire service ecosystem to help demystify the complexity of advanced Unified Communications architectures across Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Lync, and the underlying transport infrastructure. Through ReliaTel, your service teams gain the highly efficient, intelligent control they need to deliver superior managed services, while also lowering your operational costs.

Simply put, ReliaTel is a cost-effective solution that enables a strong competitive advantage, and MSPs use ReliaTel to enhance and expand service delivery, and improve their bottom line.

ReliaTel Delivers Strategic Benefits to Help MSPs Grow Their Business:

  • Expand Service Offerings: Enables MSPs to expand service offerings across a broader range of clients that have diverse VoIP, UC, TDM, and communications technologies, resulting in significant service revenue growth. Also positions MSPs to manage a wider and deeper portion of each client environment, expanding the service footprint and associated service revenue from each client.
  • Grow Profit Margins: Provides higher profit margins for managed services through optimized service operations, flexible licensing structure, and adaptable multi-platform support that manages the entire client base with a unified solution.
  • Increase Competitive Advantage: Broader management capabilities, deeper analytics, and comprehensive reporting options provide immediate competitive advantages, enabling MSPs to win more deals and gain more clients. Through ReliaTel, MSPs can immediately deliver more versatile managed services for all equipment and solutions acquired by clients.
  • Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction: ReliaTel empowers MSPs to deliver wider management, better service levels, and quicker response and resolution times that drive higher customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers help improve an MSPs profitability with additional technology and service expansion opportunities.
  • Boost Customer Retention and Renewals: extensive reporting facilities provide clients with clear documentation of Service Providers’ actions and service KPIs, including problems resolved, Mean Time to Repair, SLA compliance, VoIP quality and UC performance trends, voice traffic levels, and key capacity trending reports that clearly identify the need for VoIP and UC technology expansion and growth.

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