ReliaTel Solutions

ReliaTel VoIP and UC Management Solution

Manage VoIP and UC Quality and Service Levels From End to End with the ReliaTel Solution…

ReliaTel is specifically designed to proactively monitor and manage both VoIP quality and the entire business-critical VoIP, PBX, UC, and IT infrastructure from end to end, across Avaya / Avaya Red, Nortel / Avaya Blue, Cisco, Microsoft Lync, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, and virtually any mix of technology.

ReliaTel delivers strategic benefits to both the business organization and the business bottom line. ReliaTel will:

  • Ensure Quality and Service Levels across the voice and data network
  • Cut Costs and Consolidate Tools through a “single pane of glass” view
  • Reduce Failures, Service Outages, emergency maintenance, and costs
  • Ensure VoIP and UC Investments drive real business value and ROI

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ReliaTel empowers operational teams to work smarter and more cost effectively. ReliaTel will:

  • Manage Faults and Performance across the entire ecosystem
  • Deliver Actionable QoS Analytics to ensure VoIP quality
  • Provide Real-time Monitoring, both in-band and out-of-band
  • Help Pre-empt Quality and Performance Degradation with early warning
  • Expedite Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis to speed Mean Time to Repair
  • Offer Secure Remote Access to resolve problems & reduce costs
  • Generate CDR, traffic, and performance reports to reveal capacity and operational issues
  • Automate to prevent recurring issues, reduce staff workload, and ensure business policies

Through ReliaTel, consolidated platform-agnostic management is easily deployed and leveraged to ensure the overall availability, reliability, and voice quality of crucial VoIP and UC business communications across the entire environment, from the edge to the desk.

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