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Report & Optimize with ReliaTel

Anticipate Capacity and Resource Needs, Proactively Optimize UC Operations, and Automate UC Maintenance and Support with ReliaTel.

Gain Insight with Extensive Reporting

Gain deep insight into operational trends and statistics that directly impact UC service levels with the ReliaTel Dynamic Reporting facilities.

Leverage ReliaTel’s customizable reporting parameters and formulas to proactively identify quality and performance trends, operational bottlenecks, hot spots and blind spots, capacity and resource needs, as well as recurring issues that directly impact overall business communications and UC services.

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Customizable and Actionable Report Data

Access and utilize granular and aggregated views of critical quality and performance metrics, alarm patterns, traffic and trunk utilization, capacity and throughput trends, as well as staff activity and effectiveness with ReliaTel customizable reports.

Alarm Reporting

Gauge the effectiveness of support operations and identify recurring issues that should proactively be addressed before they become business-impacting with ReliaTel alarm trending reports.

Leverage reports with time to resolve and recurring alarm statistics to gain valuable operational insight, and deliver custom reports to users and clients to document and prove the value of UC support teams and managed services teams.

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Quality of Service Reporting

Easily identify patterns in quality degradation through ReliaTel quality of service reports with granular analytics for every call, per call roll ups by handset, softphone and gateway, as well as trending and SLA metrics for quality.

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Granular Quality Analysis Report

Use ReliaTel advanced QoS reporting capabilities to proactively analyze and address quality issues across the UC environment, as well as tracking actual voice performance in quantitative terms through RTP session search and analysis capabilities that enable users to quickly identify end-points violating acceptable QoS, QoE, and user experience levels.

Quality Optimization Reports

Gain critical insight into recurring quality degradation patterns based on time, UC call traffic patterns, and device issues through the ReliaTel interactive QoS reporting facilities. Arm UC teams with the actionable data necessary to ease congestion, reduce quality degradation during peak hours, and optimize overall voice quality with ReliaTel quality reports.

Capacity and Traffic Reporting

Reveal peaks and valleys in the performance of business critical UC components and applications with ReliaTel Capacity and Traffic analysis reports. Utilize historical trends to help identify when and why throughput and resource problems occurred, and identify where and how to optimize resources such as voice trunks and bandwidth.

Empower Service Providers and UC teams to accurately forecast the resources required to meet seasonal, cyclical and organization service demands, while also ensuring ongoing SLA compliance.

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Automate UC Operations and Support

Reduce your UC operational support workload, increase accurate and timely execution of actions and processes, and improve SLA compliance through ReliaTel automated processes.

Use ReliaTel’s powerful automation capabilities to execute routine maintenance, resolve and clear alarms, start or restart services and processes, run daily health checks, deliver reports, and much more.

Empower your UC support teams to be more effective and productive with ReliaTel robust automation.

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