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Monitor & Manage with ReliaTel Proactive

Ensure Quality, Availability and Service Levels of Your Entire Unified Communications Ecosystem through ReliaTel Proactive, End to End UC Monitoring and Management.

Proactively Manage UC

Know exactly when and where UC quality, performance, and service issues are developing, and empower your UC teams to anticipate issues before users and your business are impacted, with ReliaTel proactive, real-time monitoring and management.

Gain deep insight into your UC service levels through ReliaTel’s single pane of glass management portal, proactive alerts and notifications, and customizable escalation capabilities that provide advance warning of developing service issues and trends.

ReliaTel Management Spectrum

Service Provider Benefits

Multi-Tenant Design

delivers segmented views by individual client with controlled visibility into health, quality, and performance of just that client environment.

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Flexible Connectivity

monitors the environment via nonintrusive, low overhead connectivity to minimize bandwidth consumption and optimize data collection.

Re-brandable, Secure Web Portal

to completely white-label the application with Service Provider corporate and service logos to increase competitiveness.

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Streamlined Deployment

expedites client on-boarding with adaptable implementation options and expert Foundation Kits to immediately establish monitoring for popular devices.

Benefits of ReliaTel Proactive

Single Pane of Glass

provides visibility into faults, quality, performance, hardware, OS, application and service threshold alarms in the same view.

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Interactive Alarm Management

enables teams to identify, acknowledge, diagnose and clear alarms in one view.

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Notification and Escalation

ensures staff awareness of issues with customizable policies and medias.

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Adaptable Configuration

to structure management by any criteria, geography, specific customers, line of business, network topology, etc.

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Web-based Management UI

requires no client installation to access all user and administrative functions.

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Increase UC Service Levels

Empower your UC operations team to increase UC service levels with ReliaTel customizable quality and performance thresholds, and automated notification and escalation.

Simply define your desired quality, health, performance, and service level ranges, and ReliaTel then automatically monitors the entire environment for out-of-range thresholds and service degradation, immediately triggering alarms, notifications, and diagnostics.

Arm your operations team with the early warning and awareness they need to prevent service degradation and outages using ReliaTel’s customizable escalation and automatic trouble ticket generation.

  • Minimize UC service degradation, user impact, and service outages
  • Decrease average Mean Time to Repair for critical problems or failures
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Significantly increase UC service levels, availability, and reliability

Integrate and Optimize UC Architecture

Unify and optimize UC management through ReliaTel’s multi-platform management and open, scalable design that easily interfaces and interoperates with third party applications, and eliminates the need for expensive, manufacturer-specific hardware or software monitoring tools.

Automatically generate and populate 3rd party applications with ReliaTel alarm, event, or performance status information through ReliaTel’s flexible integration capabilities.

Monitor & Manage Videos

Multi Tenant Management Design Video

ReliaTel Re-Brandable Secure Web Portal Video

ReliaTel Single Pane of Glass Video

ReliaTel Interactive Alarm Management Video

ReliaTel Notification and Escalation Video

ReliaTel Adaptable Configuration Video

ReliaTel Web based Management UI Video

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