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ReliaTel for Enterprises

Ensure Your Business Communications Quality, Service Levels, Reliability, and ROI with ReliaTel Unified Communications Service Assurance Solution for Enterprises.

Drive Higher Value from UC in Your Enterprise

Drive higher unified communications value and lower your total cost of ownership for UC with ReliaTel for Enterprises. ReliaTel delivers end to end monitoring and management of the entire enterprise voice, network, and collaboration ecosystem in one solution, across Avaya / Avaya Red, Nortel / Avaya Blue, Cisco, Skype for Business, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, and virtually any mix of technology.

Through ReliaTel, Enterprises can increase UC service levels while drastically reducing the overhead costs of managing their UC infrastructure, to drive higher business value from their UC technology investments.

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ReliaTel Delivers Significant UC Management Advantages

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  • Manages a broad range of technologies with a unified solution
  • Increases quality and service levels across the entire UC ecosystem
  • Reduces failures, outages, and support workload
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  • Cuts UC operational and support costs
  • Optimizes UC services and increases staff efficiency
  • Increases UC adoption and business ROI
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  • Empowers proactive remediation; augments UC staff expertise
  • Automates to expedite maintenance and ensure accuracy
  • Integrates with third party applications and business processes

Supported Platforms

  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Nortel
  • Skype for Business

ReliaTel is platform agnostic, delivering end to end UC management across a broad mix of technologies, devices, and platforms.

Leverage Comprehensive UC Management

Close the visibility and analytics gaps created by fragmented and proprietary tools siloed across your voice, network, and collaboration domains with ReliaTel’s unified, vendor-agnostic UC monitoring and management.

Through ReliaTel’s comprehensive UC management, you can eliminate the need for multiple, expensive, proprietary tools that drive up support costs, increase the support workload, and consume precious time and budget money.

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Monitor & Manage

Proactively monitor and manage your unified communications quality, performance, and service levels in real-time, across on-premise UC assets, hybrid UC and cloud architectures, and UCaaS cloud-based services with ReliaTel.
Use ReliaTel monitoring and management to anticipate quality and performance issues before business impact, deliver excellent user experience, consistently meet Service Level Agreements, and avoid costly service interruptions or downtime.

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Empower your UC operational teams to work smarter and more cost effectively with ReliaTel.

Visualize & Correlate

Arm your UC teams with deeper visibility and powerful control of your critical unified communications service levels through ReliaTel’s 360° intelligent management. Understand communications performance ranges, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), QoS and QoE analytics, and threats to business impacting SLAs with ReliaTel.

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  • Visual360 Intelligence and Correlation Portal
  • Comprehensive QoS and Performance Analytics

Analyze & Troubleshoot

Anticipate and rapidly resolve communications issues using the powerful ReliaTel Knowledgebase, diagnostics, and secure remote access facilities to ensure communications up-time, quality, and service availability. Gain immediate insight and the answers necessary to meet SLAs and avoid service interruptions with ReliaTel’s dynamic, real-time troubleshooting.

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Report & Optimize

Arm your service staff with actionable data to reduce service issues with ReliaTel’s extensive traffic, capacity, quality and performance reporting facilities. Leverage ReliaTel’s in-depth report analytics and trending data to anticipate capacity requirements, and reveal operational bottlenecks, blind spots, jeopardized thresholds, staff effectiveness, and preventive maintenance needs.

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