OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 delivers SYSPLEX Coupling Facility support and expanded Options

New OMC-FLASH™ 4.6.0 delivers SYSPLEX Coupling Facility support and expanded Command, Panel and Job Options for Users

OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 Delivers the Powerful Capabilities You Want & Need to Better Manage Your Critical JES2 / JES3 Jobs and Resources, all in one Cost-Effective JES-Neutral Solution

Following are Highlights of the Extensive OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 Release Enhancements Now Available:

SYSPLEX Coupling Facility Support – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 now supports using the XCF in place of VTAM for data communications between OMC-FLASH servers running on JES3 global and locals.

JES3 DSI Support When a JES3 DSI is performed, the OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 started tasks on the new global and other locals do not need to be restarted.

31 bit Mode Utilization – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 modules now utilize 31 bit mode addressing and storage allocation for high performance and efficiency.

New JES3 Writer and Hold Queue Commands – New JES3 commands and functions to requeue data sets and jobs on the writer or hold queue are now provided for expanded control of JES3 output.

Enhanced Command Processing – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 provides a new REPEAT INPUT field command to repeat changes from previous lines; new delete confirmation for DJC nets and DJC jobs displays, and new cursor positioning enhancements and options to choose cursor placement after actions such as screen refresh and FIND commands on the Jobname Selection Panel.

Enhanced Panel Display Sizing – All OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 panel displays, including DC, CPU, SYSLOG, and EDC, now support custom screen sizes for maxiumum usability: Rows between 20-50 and Columns between 80-150.

Expanded Filter Capabilities – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 now provides the Filter function on the Initiator Display Panel, enabling users to display only systems in the JESPLEX/MASPLEX, and allow users to select a system to display initiators. A new option to bypass the field popup window when pressing Enter on a display field is also included in OMC-FLASH 4.6.0.

In addition, the Filter function is now available on several additional user panels including:

  • Data Set Index Panel
  • Health Checker Utility Panel
  • JES3 DJC Jobs Panel
  • JES3 DJC Nets Panel
  • Jobname Selection Panel
  • Unix System Services Processes Display

JES3 PURGE DSP support – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 now allows jobs processed by the JES3 PURGE DSP to be displayed by enabling the JES3 purge option.

New Storage Utilization Field – A new Real (Bytes) storage utilization field is now provided to display values in bytes.

Enhanced Job and SYSOUT Browse Interface – A new Job and SYSOUT browse panel now enables 4.6.0 users to display ProcStep, StepName, and DDname for the current line position.

New User Log Display – The new OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 USERLOG commandwill display all MVS/JES commands and results that are executed directly by the user or indirectly by line commands.

Enhanced FLASHSAF Security Interface – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 provides enhanced message tracing for FLASHSAF security exit to display FLASHSAF statements, parameter values, and return codes. In addition, a new FLASHSAF MSGSUPP parameter to suppress SAF messages for individual statements is now provided.

New OPTIONS Command and Panel – The OPTIONS command and panel allows users to select options specific to OMC-FLASH panels, such as cursor positioning, and the option to bypass the field popup window.

Enhanced Documentation and Messages – OMC-FLASH 4.6.0 now includes complete message documentation, as well as new user ABENDs and messages to identify errors.

Full z/OS Compatibility – OMC-FLASH is certified fully compatible with all z/OS operating system levels through z/OS 1.11.

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