New in DYNA-STEP 3.0.0

Check Out What’s New in DYNA-STEP™ Release 3.0.0

3.0.0 Delivers New ISPF Displays and Support for Multiple Copies of a Reentrant Load Module

DYNA-STEP Release 3.0. delivers significant innovation, with many new features requested specifically by our valued users. Below are highlights of the new capabilities now available in DYNA-STEP Release 3.0 – Contact Us for Details

DYNA-STEP Release 3.0.0 Enhanced Features:

  • A brand-new ISPF interface that allows users to manipulate concatenations with great precision – beyond the single execution of the DYNASTEP command. This is available in our new DYSISPF command.
  • The ability to run multiple copies of a reentrant load module (such as QMF, etc.) from different libraries, on different ISPF screens. Adding a new keyword to existing DYNASTEP command invocations is all it takes to test new releases of software side-by-side with current releases.
  • A new server capability, called DYSSERV, that eliminates the need to front-end an SVC (or install an SVC) for DYNA-STEP.
  • Full support for data set aliases in the AFTER, BEFORE, and DELETE keywords. This allows users to use aliases exactly the same as true names wherever a data set name can be entered.
  • Full support for the ISPF LIBDEF feature. This will allow the standard ‘setup’ type CLISTs and REXX procedures to use all of DYNA-STEP’s capabilities for setting up the entire environment (including ISPF elements, such as images, messages, panels, skeletons, and tables) and not just for the STEPLIB and application-specific Alternate DDnames.
  • Full ISPF screen support for the Alternate DDnames introduced in DYNA-STEP 2.6.0. A new keyword on the DYNASTEP command invocation allows Alternate DDnames (such as SYSPROC) to be maintained and re-allocated on a screen-by-screen basis, just like STEPLIB has been.
  • And many more

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