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Day 2 from ITEXPO East

As we conclude Day 2 from ITEXPO in Miami, we focus our attention towards the vendors exhibiting throughout the conference and the interesting dynamics of vendor-to-vendor / vendor-to-audience relationships.  As mentioned from my previous blog posting, it’s evident the focus on Cloud offering dominates all aspects of businesses showcasing this year. Day 2 began with my educational session on boosting the business of service providers through remote managed services hosted by Telecom Reseller (A quick thank you to Doug Green from Telecom Reseller for his hospitality and coordination efforts). The audience consisted primarily of service providers seeking to create a Managed Services offering but unable to determine an appropriate launch program.  While educational by design, several attendees expressed their desire to launch a remote managed services program but lack the tools and expertise to effectively succeed.

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Day 1 From ITExpo East

The first day of ITEXPO East is expectedly dominated by conversations of Cloud.  How to monetize Cloud, distinguish offerings, technologies, pitfalls and more. I sat in a few  sessions today, however the one worth noting was a session hosted by Peter Bernstein from TMC titled “How To: Generate Monthly Revenue with Unique Service Offerings”.  With a panel consisting of CA, AireSpring, Digitalk and CBeyond and an audience primarily consisting service providers/resellers, the discussion was primarily focused on the Cloud offerings for the SMB marketplace. The panel generally had a consensus on the following issues:

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Enterprise Communications Trends

As we have just concluded the 1st week of 2012, I can’t help but reflect on the contrasting differences between the start of 2011 and 2012.  It appears that 2012 is starting in a cautiously more optimistic note compared to 2011. The proliferation of Unified Communications, Videoconference, Telepresence, Cloud and Managed Services within the enterprise domain sets up 2012 for continuous growth through quantifiable ROIs and expansion towards the SMB space.

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